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Maurice Cranston's The Romantic Movement.

It chronicles the development of romantic ideals in a post enlighten society. Not just simple romantic love between people, but love for life and your passions. It is about artistic expression that breaks away from the rigidity of traditional structure. It demonstrates how we are surrounded by the romantic ideals that make up western civilization. Western cultural.

The best part is that it provides an overview of romantic literature that should be in your library. Works that tell us about man's passions.

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Heinlein, any book.

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Start with Stranger in a Strange Land and Job: A Comedy of Justice.

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Nine nights with the Taoist master special edition. Behavioral modification: principles and procedures. Demon Chaser by: Shannon Kawika Phelps

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What general genres would you say Nine Nights and Demon Chaser fall under?

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I would say Nine Nights with the Taoist Master could go under Eastern Philosophy. Demon Chaser is more of a Why? than How to about Martial arts. In barns and Nobles martial arts tends to be in the Sport section.

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48 laws of power

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Art of seduction, and art of war, everyone should read those 3 books.

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When you say art of war, do you mean 33 strategies of war?

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You need some Kant, Whitehead, Aristotle, Heideggar, Descartes, Erasmus, Hobbes, Spinoza, Dierdot, Locke, Berkeley, Voltaire, Leibniz, Bentham, Mill, Aquinas, and Wittgenstein to fill out that philosophy section. Perhaps a history of western philosophy compilation would best suit to cover the majority of it.

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Absolutely! If you can give me some works that you think are their most important I will add them. Otherwise I'll add a placeholder and come back to it when I have time to research it.

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Portnoys Complaint. You might start to understand hebes a bit more.