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They do want diversity, just not that kind of diversity. They want to be able to push low- IQ people who are still able to do basic tasks. Think Indians, they suck at their job, but they're jsut good enough that they fly under the radar, and just enough work/bribing gets done to make the issue a multi decade nightmare. However, with these types of migrants, this is impossible. There is no job they can do, they have no qualfications, they cant interface with customers, they cant work in the back, there is no process where they are "beneficial". This is more of a case of the EU elites thinking in the very short term(Decreased wages, bigger workpool), with devastating long term consequences(Non functioning public system, lack of a "Rollback", no way to integrate, increased crime,etc)


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I think an increase in demand is also important for them. Think that these manufactures would love for there to be a million for people in Germany to buy new cars. Only a matter of time until German tax payers start subsidizing BMWs for refugees.


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Yup, the problem with refugee anything, is it requires tremendous funds from the state to keep alive. No amount of QE will let this happen, without devastating long term effects on the EU as a whole