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" “You feel like your life is over. You feel like you should go to a high place and jump"

You're banging random narcissists you met on Grindr. So...yep.


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Play faggot games, win faggot prizes.


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This happens too much to be a chance happening. The virus must have some kind of hidden survival instinct to propagate its self. Bacteria and fungi change behavior in insects. Is it a leap to think higher life forms aren’t susceptible?


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Its well established that there is a gut-brain interchange which alters behavior significantly. Your gut biome determines quite a bit of your behavior actually... Some scientists even contend that we're just elaborate vessels for microscopic organisms to use, and biologically speaking, this seems to be how the universe has progressed.


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Hey, y'all might bag out the UK but im pretty sure none of their counties (states in your case) have legalised not disclosing youre HIV positive to your partners yet.


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https://archive.fo/tvXET :

Man found guilty of trying to infect 10 Grindr dates with HIV | UK news | The Guardian

'A man has been found guilty of deliberately infecting five men with HIV and trying to infect a further five after meeting them on the dating app Grindr. '

'Jurors were shown evidence that Rowe had taunted his victims, texting one: “I have HIV. Lol. '

'Rowe said that he thought he had cured himself of HIV after taking a variety of non-traditional medication, including “urine therapy”. '

'I got you.”Rowe was first arrested in February 2016, but denied that he was HIV positive in his first police interview. '

'The court heard that Rowe repeatedly sabotaged condoms, and then mocked victims saying that he was “riddled” with the virus after they raised concerns. '

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