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You're giving him a lot of credit for something he has yet to do. I want to believe, but all I see is the noose of major war abroad and tyranny at home slowly being slipped over our heads

He has the authority to bring all our troops home now. That's something he campaigned on. Instead, he's expanding deployments

He's been totally mum on the Fed and the national debt.

He signed the biggest federal spending bill in the history of human existence, at $4 trillion

And he wants even MORE money for the military industrial complex (AKA "national defense" and the domestic surveillance/police state)

He could close DHS and end the groping TSA

So idk. I'm maybe I'm not seeing it. Just because he's not making things worse doesn't mean he's making them better. What I see in him is a slowing down of an unstoppable global totalitarian technocratic police state dystopia

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You are right. Again, my point stands. A president can only do so much. If he goes too fast, too hard, or too deep, he will be assassinated. Period. He can also lose his base if he goes against Zionism - that is something both Republicans and Dems can agree on. Very few people have the balls to speak out against Israel. Look what they did to Jesus when he tried to push back, or Kennedy when he tried to go after the Fed.

You are all dreaming. Let this President get as far as he can. If he can weaken a few sub structures, perhaps the next President can knock a few more down. It took centuries to infiltrate like this...it will take a long time to undo. Mainly because the average American will hate him if he does. Think on that for a few minutes.

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Like I said, I want to believe

Unfortunately actions speak louder than words. And his actions are screaming, "fuck average Americans."

At this point I would have rather have had Hillary. At least it would probably have been over by now

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There was not a religious requirement for holding office in the Federal government. That's all. States could still have religious requirements. People nowadays confuse the Federal government with all government.

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Either he's playing 12D chess or perhaps he's just a cuck for Israel like all the other presidents for ATLEAST the last 50 years. Are you going to support him when he sends goyim to die for the greater israel project?

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Goyim have been dying for the (((greater good))) since forever. Trump will be no different from Bush or Clinton, or Bush, or Obama, or Johnson. The power structures are very serious and very deep. My point stands. There is only so far any President can go. The problem is not the POTUS or the Jews - it is Liberal Americans who would make false rape allegations against you because you criticize Zionist/Socialist/Feminist dogma. WE are also the problem because we do not effectively fight fire with fire.