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Off course. You see, death is cure of all illnesses.

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Well you aren't wrong

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That's my kind of woman. Always, always stick your dick in crazy. Look at those eyes. You know damned well she fucks like a bucking bronco and goes ATM without any urging. Sure, she will probably try to stab you when you break up with her, but the sex will have been worth it.

Always stick your dick in crazy. Always.

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She goes ATM?! I want a chick that dispenses cash!!

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Me too, man. Me too...

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Be a pimp playa.

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The eyes man...THE FUCKING EYES!

There's several kinds of crazy, you got your broken and gonna break you crazy, and then you got this level of crazy. Last time I saw eyes like that was when a crazy chicken ran out on the road and attacked my dog. It's the kind of eyes that'll just let you know instinctively that you better steer clear of that, or you'll be Caitlyn Jenner in a few weeks.

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Stay away? Hell no! Life is meant to be risked!

I am kind of fascinated by this woman. I'm checking her YouTube channel out.

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She's got a youtube channel, someone posted it on 4chan a couple weeks ago, she has a video about squatting to poop, something about aligning your anus and another about having her first orgasm after her friend convince her to buy vibrator. all of her thumbnail pics have the crazy eyes, i'll see if i can find the channel

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i dont want dick cancer

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That's not how cancer works... Sheesh!

I'd tell her semen is a natural cancer preventative. Then I'd stick my dick in her. She's not even all that cute and I don't even want to know what the fuck she's drinking. I'd still penis the hell out of that if I were single and she local. She has the crazy eyes.

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Oh, she is a crazy one. Thanks!

There's a whole lot wrong with that woman.

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Another example of why women should not be able to vote.

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Heres what happens when not only youre dumb enough to believe it, but you suck in your own mother

Also this guy because hes a grade a fucking dumb cunt teaching adults about paleo diets then literally giving over the tv advice on baby nutrition that almost every pediatrician in the entire country that saw the broadcast jumped on the fucker immediately.

*Also of note at the very end they mention the name of a woman who attended her funeral. Another 'fitness guru' only this one didnt die, she just ended up in deep shit for claiming she developed, then cured cancer all on her own, writing 3 bestsellers. She hasnt, of course, paid any money back because, you know, female.

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When the cancer returned, she again refused amputation[4] and then pursued a range of purported therapies based on diet and lifestyle, including the Gerson therapy.[5][6]


Max Gerson (October 18, 1881 – March 8, 1959) was a Jewish, German-born American physician who developed the Gerson Therapy, a dietary-based alternative cancer treatment that he claimed could cure cancer and most chronic, degenerative diseases.

It's like there's a trend here...

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Belle Gibson was the funeral attendee 'fitness guru' i was referring to.

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Yikes. Drop her in a forest somewhere and leave her.

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You can drop her in the forest in my pants... Where there is no disease, but I assure you my body is functioning.

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She's got those crazy eyes, the type that being to someone that doesn't know they're lacking a diagnosis.

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Who the hell is this woman? And why does she have that look that implies she wants you as a lampshade to improve the chi flow in her house?

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Great body, cute face, dumber than a box of rocks and crazy eyes... condom (check), body armor (check), legal determining of my mental stability (check). Miss Crazy here comes my dick. its ok to dick down crazy just be prepared. Plus she looks like she is up for so erotic asphxiation and bringins by 1 or 2 or 3 of here lady friends.

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