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It harms the Jews in Israel as well. I'm gonna get comfy and watch the Palestinians try to burn it down.

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We're stirring up a bees nest of muzzles for zero benefit to ourselves.

Okay, Chamberlain, what else do you want us not to do to upset them?

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Yea I figured someone would take that angle.

I say we don't do anything that is not in our interest. If it's in our interests and it stirs up the dunecoons, whatever. Coons will coon.

But why invite terrorism on the US with a provocative move just to make the kikes feel legitimate?

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You think we're at peace or something? Obama can drone innocents and redefine "combatant" to lie about it, and Congress can support Saudia Arabia's efforts to obliterate Yemen, but this stirs the Mohammedan goat-porkers up? A campaign of lies and derangement against Trump, Christians, and Western values thickly coats every media outlet, image board, international summit, and personal interaction, yet this is where we should draw the line?

The terrorism is coming from inside the house. Let Rami Khouri scream in the street. Let the sub-literates explode. They're already here. That's what immigration is for: destruction. Bring it the fuck on already. If that's the only way anybody fights back, then fucking do it.

Go farther. Open a Russian military base in the US, hand back Iran's seized funds without cucking in a hostage negotiation, cut off Saudi Arabian aid and arms sales, invade South Africa. But if irrelevance like this is what gets them to light themselves on fire, let's keep doing it. It is in our interest to damage muslims and leftists.

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I think it's in your interest to make a display of strength. This should have been done the day after 9-11. Islamic countries have to be run by tyrants to keep those idiots in some kind of order. They absolutely do not respect weakness or appeasement.

They're running around the world murdering, raping and threatening and the Soros driven leftists have no ability, plan, thought or even inkling on how to stop them. They just use them to install more authoritive power on themselves. They need more islamic violence to get more power. Stir up the hornet's nest. Slap up their noses. Dare them. Then if they do much at all you can go full out on them; finally. End them.

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Your points are considered. I don't like Israel. I wish we didn't make "bold" moves on their behalf. But if you believe this is in our interests, maybe there's an argument to be made, but I'm not convinced.

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Any religious folks on here? Curious to know what their thoughts are on the decision. Thanks

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Yeah I was agnostic up till a few months ago, however I have recently become very Christian due to personal revelations. I've been seeing the same things, just wondering if others were as well. Thanks!

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Exactly. I completely agree. Ive lost all hope for trump. He has revealed his true colors.

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I have lots of hope for Trump. I will absolutely be voting for him again. He's great.

I just don't like this decision.

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The order is already on the books, blame congress in 1995. Trump is just honoring a promise he made on the campaign.

The more of them he knocks out the more likely he is to get re-elected, the last thing he wants to do is seem to flip-flop. Not going after Hillary alone might cost him re-election, so he has to put on his good-boy pants and honor his remaining pledges (or at least try to).