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Member when 90% of Cracked was boobs and the word "dong"?

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I member when they were a magazine! Getting both MAD and Cracked was all I read as a kid.

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OMG... This is that Cracked?! What have they done?!

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Remember the fold-in back cover page?

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I wasnt sure if this was the same cracked as the old magazine. MAD has gone to shit also now that the old guys are gone.

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Cracked doesn't even sound like the name of an SJW rag. It sounds like a website made for bros.

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because the magazine that it was based from was for bros. it continued as a semi decent collegehumor type site, then radfems got dollars in their eyes when the shit started.

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Yup. Stray from your support base and sooner or later you get fragged.

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The thing is that they didn't try to stray from the support base, they tried to take their base along with them into a political agenda. Humor is an amazing tool at getting people to think along your own lines, but the caveat there is you need to be funny. Leftists CANNOT do this, because they cannot be funny, because being funny oftentimes invokes a hilarious edginess and offensiveness. Leftists, by their own construct, cannot be offensive, and therefore they cannot be funny, erego they cannot lead people into thinking along their lines by using humor.

Hence the failure of Cracked and literally any other leftist-influenced "humor" based medium like SNL.

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That’s often what they do and it can actually work to an extent; the original base will ‘grow out of it,’ but the up and coming base will usually be naive and easily influenced. That’s when they manage to drag them astray. These evil leftists know what they are doing.

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Excellent points.

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Holy queerbeams, Fagman! You're right!

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And nothing of value was lost.

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Not surprised when shit like this is what they pass off as funny


Not that I agree or disagree with it, it's just not funny. It's not even meant to be funny. It's just snarky shit. You go to a snarky shit site if you want snarky shit,not a comedy site.

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That was the most millennial targeted attempt at a boomer meme I've ever seen. Painful to look at

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I thought big-boys turned into break.com.

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"5 things I learned from being addicted to child porn"

Literally what the fuck. Is that a real article they had?

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I imagine the lessons are:

  1. Encrypt everything

  2. Always turn your computer off when you go to bed or leave the house

  3. Keep up with the newest darknet technologies

  4. Never consent to a search you don't have to

  5. Never leave a paper trail

I haven't read the article, so I could be absolutely wrong, but those five seem like fairly common sense in context(and aren't a bad idea for more regular people, either).

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Six. Never take your computer in for repairs.

Aside from the child porn issue, techs "sometimes" check out your hd to see what you're up to, and to see if you have nudes. Don't hand over sensitive information of any kind to random techs.

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6, Never have any empathy

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Not dead yet, but certainly mortally wounded. I'm interested in seeing what they do in the aftermath of this bloodbath.

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I guess we'll find out when they get off the rag.

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5 Secret Upsides of Growing up with Divorced Parents.

Sorry, can't help myself:

5 Secret Upsides of Being Raped

5 Secret Upsides of Microaggression

5 Secret Upsides of Someone Using the Wrong Gender Pronouns

5 Secret Upsides of Being Deported

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5 Secret Upsides of Being Deported

Well you get a free trip to Mexico. Some people pay big money for that. I have no idea why but they do.

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