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Bless the people absorbing these bullshit ideas and thinking about how to best throw it back in their faces. Our meme game has been incredible ever since the left jumped the shark

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Tactical Judaism

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hahahahaha you got me there....

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I've met people IRL with this nonsense.

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Lefties go absolutely insane when you turn their rhetoric back on them.

I recently did something similar to the OP image. A bunch of people were crying about a picture of a Korean woman in blackface. I pointed out that she couldn't be racist since she isn't White. It's also fun to adopt their tactic of calling things -phobic, IE calling them "Russophobic" when they're complaining about the purported Russian election interference.

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I remember seeing this Asian chick get handed the mic at an anti-racism rally a while back. She started talking about how she was treated like shit when she got to this country and that people were super racist to her.

The crowd was going nuts with support for this brave young woman.

She then started talking about how the people who were worst to her were blacks. How they would literally walk up to her pulling the corners of their eyes and going "ching ching chong" and shit.

The crowd is growing quieter and quieter as she talks.

Finally she say "it's time to recognize that anyone can be racist". Crowd goes fucking silent except for a couple people saying "naw". They then start telling her she should leave and booing her.

You deserve our love and support... Unless you disagree with us.

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I know exactly the video you're talking about.

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Anglophobic and Germaniphobic.

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Luckily we have people like you willing to pollute their mind with this shit so you can build their shit-arguments so the rest of us don't have to.

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Reminder about loxism deniers.

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Based accelerationist.

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There are entirely too many ists and isms these days.

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It's about time we threw some of the ists and isms back at them.

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The way they turn their nonsensical theories into math equations as if implying it is pure and unquestionable fact, "mathematical truth"... you have to kinda admire them. (((Those))) sleazy snakes are really sleazy.

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What a lightbulb moment.

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Yes, use their own lack of logic against them.

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Man, how many types of jews are there ? Theres israel jews, theres progressives, theres white jews, fucking hell.

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just jews.

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I prefer the spicy, extra crispy ones!

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i was going to ask the same freaking question!

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