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Now can we sue the ACLU for being biased?

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You were going to trust a foreign jewish organization?? ah ah ah silly goy

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Yeah but can't trust the FBI. I was thinking about going to them, but I waited to see how the comey/hilliary/dnc corruption was handled. It's blatantly obvious the agency cannot be trusted as their credibility is shit. So no FBI, no ACLU, I guess my only option is hiring a lawyer, have him fuck me over, before I learn justice isn't worth seeking.

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Justice is for the rich.. Period.

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wow. at one point I remember thinking that was a respectable organization. I think I still like a federal government that respects the Bill of Rights, so I have to assume the ACLU is just more shitty now.

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"Our freedom, to cram non-whites into your nation."

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What freedoms of American citizens is Trump imposing on? Oh none, but the slogans make them money and incredibly stupid asswipes don't even question it.

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There's a splash screen asking you to donate before you can even see the site.


Absolutely ridiculous.

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(*) Other: -$100

First Name: Voted

Last Name: Trump

Email: you.brought@politics.intoit

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Wow. Fuck them.

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