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Anderson Cooper anyone?

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Yeah he had a CIA internship and admitted that he works for them. He's a product of operation mockingbird.

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I really think he's an exception. There's no need to journalists now a days to have a secret relationship with CIA. The MSM is so hierarchical, it would be redundant.

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NO! Every time you hear some crap from the George Wills of America, just realize that he is nothing more or less than an asshole who sold out his country for money. They collect the money.... and then go right back to pretending that they are.... GREED

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That started in the 50's. It was exposed in the 70's.

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If you mean ramped up a hundredfold, you might be correct

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https://tweetsave.com/redactedtonight/status/938599445159075840 :

Redacted Tonight on Twitter: "In the mid 70's a Senate Intelligence Committee found at least 50 American journalists had had a secret relationship with the CIA. I'm sure… t.co/e3LYQ5ACUB"

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It's no longer the 70's. Americans no longer control American media. If journalists have any secret relationships it's with MOSSAD, not the CIA.

Come on Voat. You were smart enough to not fall for the whole, "Dear fellow white people" crap. Why is it that you're falling for the, "Dear fellow CIA agents" crap?

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bro if you think the mossad is above the FSB your slow. the CIA is the world police bud. not mossad. they work on sandland.

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Ok. But back to the main topic - Who has more influence in the American media? CIA, MOSSAD, OR FSB.

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this world is FULL of LIARS. Keep thinking you can have any effect

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Yes, when MOSSAD allows them to. Or when they choose to use the CIA as their little puppet.

And don't use the phrase, "bitch please". It removes all credibility from what you're attempting to say.