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Any girl you find from the Balkans* will be red pilled quite nicely as they know far more about how the world works than American women. My wife is from former Yugoslavia and was driven from her home during the Clinton bombing in 99.

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Balkans. Not Baltics. Or you meant Baltics?

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Ohhh I see what I did there. Yes Balkans.

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The Baltics are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Way up north sandwiched between Finland, Russia and Poland. Nowhere near Yugoslavia.

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Go at a reasonable pace. To hijack an old quote, "his mind is willing, but his flesh is weak".

It is a BIG mental trauma realizing that "much of what you thought you knew was a lie or a partial truth", especially when you have been listening to the lies for decades (it's why the older Democrats often need to experience a really terrible tragedy in order to start questioning the party's beliefs).

Help walk him through the red-pilling process, but be prepared to stop and let him mentally piece things together if he gets mentally locked on a particularly big revelation.

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Does "Greatest Story Never Told" tell about Prescott Bush (father of George Bush Sr, and grandfather of George Dubya Bush) financing the Nazis?

Does it tell about the Nazis Haavara agreement with the Zionists, and Theo Herzl explaining how Zionism would use 'anti-semites' to further their goals?

Does it say about Martin Bormann (who controlled access to Hitler) having a mistress that was a Soviet agent? I haven't watched it, so am legit interested in answers to these questions.

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The fact that kikes and their non-kike allies may have fanned the flames for war in Europe and even funded Hitler's rise does not mean that Hitler's cause was not genuine. Nor does the possibility of enemy agents within the Third Reich mean much. Infiltration is hardly unexpected and may have indeed cost Germany the war. I don't know what you base your claims about Bormann on, but I wouldn't be too surprised if what you say is true. For example, I recall it being Bormann who appears to have been intimately involved in creating the mostly forged "Hitler's Table Talk".

There can be little doubt that the kikes and their allies WANTED a war in Europe. So I can definitely see them provoking a war between Hitler and the rest of the world, by whatever means necessary. Hitler surely knew this too, but he also knew he had no other choice but to gamble and hope he wins in the end. The stakes were high and in the end evil won out.

It's good to remember that the kikes love to spread disinformation about Hitler. This is extended to those who, I think correctly, look up to Hitler. The kikes would love nothing more than spread despondency and feelings of futility among those more aware of their illicit activities. I can just imagine the kike gloating, "look goy, even your hero Hitler was our puppet. There's nothing you can do to stop us!" This is psychologically devastating and those who really buy into this disinformation tend to give up on any hope of ever overcoming the kike tyranny.

I'm not saying that these damning things said about Hitler are not possible, of course they are possible, but I see very little actual evidence in favor of such claims. If the kikes wanted a massive war, this is very easy to orchestrate without the huge build-up that was the Third Reich. If they wanted fake pogroms, once again, easy to orchestrate. Would they really have to prepare the stage so painstakingly as to invent a figure like Hitler just to start a war? I think not. We can see even today with what effortless ease kikes start wars. The same was true back then. There would've been no need for such theatrics.

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Im 1/4 through, it talks about haavara, but not Prescott at least by name. They brought up Eva but not that other bitch.

It might not explain everything, but it is VERY long, 6 hours, and worth watching. I enjoy it very much.

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I don't know, but all red pills can be distributed in due time.

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Whats the show's name? Want to watch it too! Link?

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Do you have a link to that show? If it has English subtitles

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once you take the redpill, you can't go back. his mind has been opened. keep feeding it. at some point in the future, he'll start doing it all on his own. this is why europeans have such a strong independent spirit, and yet also have a deep love of their communities. searching for the truth opens up the whole world to you. and you bring that knowledge and wisdom to those around you.

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Perhaps that's a lesson for red pilling normies in the future? The magic number is 3.

We just have to get them exposed to the red pilling medium 3 times and the brainwashing finally ends.

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And when the brainwashing ends, mind opens up. This is important because you gain the skill to notice truths and read between the lines in news stories.

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We drink coffee every day

Living up to that stereo type.

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I aint a serb though. Coffee is very popular in Balkans, Turkey and Italy (afaik) and i aint talking about the Starbux shiet

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New age coffee craze is a Jewish artificial industry, I did a thorough post on the biggest names https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2168395

Please know Pizzagate is real and the only chance to expose the kikes


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