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I like how we have photo proof that the "family friendly" restaurant is a gay pizza sex bar, but everyone is hung up on whether they have a basement

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Can I have some sauce on that pizza place

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lies were told, you weren't supposed to question them.

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No, the sauce is half tomatoes half STDs, we're not giving it to you.

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That's really not that mysterious since the basement to which he's referring is in a different building. Whatever the truth of pizzagate, this is not evidence of it.

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There is a truth that is being covered up. It may have not had anything to do with this particular building, but there is no doubt those e-mails were fucking shady. We're seeing more of it leak into the mainstream. Even Dr. Phil had a woman on who was abused/used as a child prostitute for rich wealthy individuals. The Catholic church is another shining example.

Large and powerful organizations, like Hollywood, and like members of the US government, use child abuse to maintain control:


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Is it even news anymore?

Many of the most powerful and wealthy since time immemorial always like to have sex with young girls. If I'm a billionaire you bet I would nail pretty 15 yo white girls.

It's just poor peasants getting jealous because they don't have the power and wealth to act out their harem orgy fantasies.

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how much was she paid to make that claim?

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Don't enrage them... They already spill out from their containment sub.

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He owns several buildings. This wasn't a smoking gun.

Let's just forget about it though and go play dominos on some Pizza. Do you think I would do better with Cheese or Pie?

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Don't forget to bring your pizza-related handkerchief.

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Underrated normie red-pill

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Might want to archive that article before it gets (((mysteriously))) changed.

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Its archived a bunch. There is something being covered up, and if you ask me, there are underground networks FOR SURE that they are using. If you haven't done any underground urban exploring in major cities, you probably won't understand, but the volume of utility tunnels can be MASSIVE. St. Paul for instance has hundreds upon hundreds of miles of tunnels under it. The entrances are periodically blocked off and filled in as people find and use them, but once you're in and 4 stories down in an old 1800's sewer with skulls carved into the walls, you get a real sense for how gargantuan the whole thing is and how unmonitored the whole network goes.

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Yes they have both legit [as in Secret/Official] tunnel networks and underground buildings, and old school cabal type meeting centers. Dungeons, Ballrooms, you name it. Right in DC and Virginia.

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If the press is their immune system, perhaps like HIV, that's what you should attack first for being pedos.

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Yes, goyim, Alefantis is committed to the common good of the world oy vey nothing to see here try to shut it down