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I guess it is easy to ignore all the gang violence since most liberals know they are unlikely to go where it happens. White mass killers scare them because they might strike at places where liberals might actually be.

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Where as gang violence does happen, that's often multiple shooters and fewer than the prerequisite numbers to make them fit the criteria for being considered a statistic for mass shooting. There is no doubt that black people kill more. They just don't generally do what is called mass shootings because their aim sucks, they attack in groups, or they are multiple events.

Now, we can argue that the term needs to be redefined, but the reality is that, for this very specific criteria, white people are definitely guilty. To be honest, I'm not actually sure why it's a topic of discussion. The problem is we kill people. How many are in groups of killings seems a lot like failing to look at the basics, which is that we keep killing each other in large numbers.

I'm a man of sound first principles. Stop killing each other! Y'all are gonna make it so I can't have firearms or start a fucking civil war. Stop that shit! LOL Really...

Stop killing people. It's not hard. I've killed nobody, and I didn't even have to try. You know what? I'm probably not going to kill anyone tomorrow. I'll pencil it in to my to do list. "Do not murder anyone." I bet that's a task I have time to complete.

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The piece you posted was interesting in showing that whites are not over-represented, too. I didn't think it needed the gratuitous insult to men at the end, though.

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I'd be curious to know what the author considers a "Mass Shooting". I think its something like three or more, By those standards we could look at any weekend in Chicago/St Louis/Detroit and those stats alone prove the point. And we know exactly who's blasting away in those shitholes.

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Red text on the bottom.

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Sorry, browser cut it off. 4 or more shot OR killed……………..yeah, everyday drive by.

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Some real science and facts:


I don't have a dog in this fight, I'm Native American. Y'all can keep killing each other if you really want.

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Hilarious commentary coming from a plains nigger whose own tribal warfare nearly led to the extinction of his people. And your article cites mother jones? Lulz, fuck off with that nonsense, cheif.

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"Oh, black people kill people all the time. That's not what I'm talking about."

That's really how people think. And we're the 'racist' ones.

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Cept that guy who tried to kill the Senator at the baseball Diamond. He didn't do so good a job. He shoulda spent less time watching cnn and more time at the range.

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yeah when you have a body count of 10+ it's always white. even our obese are efficient as fuck

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yeah, no one cares when Jamal and crew do a drive by and and score a few frags in the hood (yawn), but an angry white guy can put up big numbers pretty fast and that gets a lot of attention.

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Like most things, white people do it better.

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these statistics are racist go into the naughty corner and come up with some figures that aren't racially insensitive to minorities /s

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Libtards like to ignore Detroit, Chicago and Philly. Also, the biggest serial killers in history were jewish

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That's because as far as the media's titles are concerned black and brown mass shootings are retitled as "gang violence" and "terrorism" so they don't count as mass shootings to them.

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