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Looks like she tried to bait him so he sprung a trap on her.

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This story is faker than tranny titties.

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Got daaaaaaaamn.

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Several, from the looks of it.

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I love how women assume that when they open the relationship that their husband/boyfriend will get no action, and they will just have free reign to fuck whoever they want.

When the opposite happens, they absolutely melt down because it is impossible for them to accept. She's so mad and cries all the time, but she never even considered what her husband would have felt if she was doing the sleeping around.

Seeing cunts have their life fall apart from their own stupid and selfishness is the greatest thing to watch.

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I have been so upset by this I haven't even slept with anyone other than my husband since we opened our relationship.

Bitch was cheating from the beginning. She just wanted to lose the guilt. Why bring up that she hasn't fucked anyone since the change? What's the significance?

Edit: Meant to add, this whole thing screams bullshit. It pushes too many buttons.

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good catch, nailed it

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes...

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Idunno man, it's so absolutely fucking ridiculous that it just might be true!

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Happened to me except it was a break up and I stayed close with my ex for a while. Worked good too, until she blew a gasket and blocked my number and disappeared. I think her initial plan was I would become lonely and want her back. Sucked for her

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It truly is a beautiful thing to watch. Sweet, sweet justice.

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Why the fuck are the kids even aware of this shit?

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Probably because the wife has bitched about how weird it is that he brings "girls" around to play with.

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You know full well she would of told her kids all about her amazing new sex life too, just to rub it in her husbands face. Cancer

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So she discovered that she is married to the "King of /b/".

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Oh geez... So, you were bored and sacrificed everything stavle and good you'd worked toward to bring out your kink?! You didn't think maybe my husband is more creative than his everyday life allows... I'm gonna sign us up for cooking classes... No, you thought, maybe my husband is kinkier than he expresses in the bedroom... Time to 'open up' the relationship? WTF?! And you let him bring his trans-prosti-dates HOME?! To your house?! With kids?! Fucking wench. Ask yourself, how would I have turned out differently had my father fucked other women that were not my mother on the reg to everyone's great knowledge? When the fuck did our society get in it's conciousness that hedonism is admirable?! Open relationships are total shit.

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'Cept he's not fucking other women.

He's fucking men.

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Bear Grylls is as fake as a hollywood trophy wife.

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Was being the youngest briton to climb Mt Everest fake too?

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nice meme!

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Ahaha. I mean, transfags are gross and have all sorts of mental issues beyond just being trannies, but it's pretty funny how he trolled her. These "open relationship" arrangements usually favor the woman and she was probably expecting him to stay at home like a good little cuck.

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Glad this turned out so poorly for the slut.

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