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Every white normie there was thinking "I'm so glad he's black so I don't have to pretend to be outraged right now."

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Your comment is 100% accurate I guarantee ya.

OP didn't mention getting called an uncle Tom so we may need to verify his story!

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Wonder how that would have gone if you were a white guy...

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One of my classmates who's a white dude actually wanted to comment that Trump's planmis to tax the rich more and the poor less(these fuckers also wanted to protest against Trump lol) but he didn't comment because he was afraid of the response. Keep in mind he sits behind several other black dudes.

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Think as you like, but behave like others.

  1. You pretend to disagree with dangerous ideas, but in the course of your disagreement you give those ideas expression and exposure.
  2. You seem to conform to the prevailing orthodoxy, but those who know will understand the irony involved. You are protected.
  3. There is no point in making a display of your dangerous ideas if they only bring you suffering and persecution.
  4. Martyrdom serves no purpose—better to live on in an oppressive world, even to thrive in it.
  5. Find a way to express your ideas subtly for those who understand you.
  6. Lying your pearls before swine will only bring you trouble.

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It's best to just smile and nod sometimes.

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best of luck with you with affirmative action and everything!

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baizuo are trained to pretend anything a black person says is acceptable, uncritically, even by their own dumb standards. So he might have been flinging poo and it would have been the same reaction.

In the end, red-pilled or no, it makes no difference; your skin is your uniform.

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Did the mayor also come in to give you the keys to the city, and a crisp $100 bill? Or did you have to wait for the standing ovation to die down, first?

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That redpilled girl's name? Albert Einstein.

OP is the larpiest larper to ever larp.

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OP also claims that the 6 gorillion were actually killed by muh Nazis and refuses to acknowledge evidence to the contrary.

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if you get in another discussion on it ask them to define "white capitalism" (Lol), and how that differs from just normal capitalism.

One of the main ways to defeat retarded libs is to have them define their buzzwords then deconstruct them.

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This is good advice, liberals love labels and are at the same time intellectual cowards who refuse to define any of their labels so they can make a coherent point. This is extremely noticeable with feminism, it means something different to almost every feminist I've met, but it extends to buzzword concepts pretty well. The more specific you force them to be about something the more you will remove the backbone of their entire argument which is the ambiguity.

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have them define their buzzwords

they wont define them in a consistent way, and then you have to waste your time deconstructing their made-up bullshit. their whole ideology is based on twisting the meaning of words and redefining stuff so it means something politically correct.

for example, theyll define capitalism to be the system where the strong exploit the weak, and white capitalism to be the system where privileged whites exploit the oppressed blacks, and what are you gonna do then?

you simply cant give them the first mover advantage to define words, and then you have to express your ideas within their framework, which is specifically constructed to make your position look bad. it is a waste of your time, and you possibly can not even win. either you can get them to accept your definitions, or there is no debate at all.

have them define their buzzwords then deconstruct them.

Thats is not true. You can not "deconstruct" their buzzwords, because they are not meant to be deconstructed. their goal is to deceive and persuade people who do not think at all. as soon as they realize that youre woke, theyll simply stop listening, walk out, or shout you down.

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There's nothing wrong with wanting to support businesses owned by your people. Consumerism is of course colorblind, but it leads to a hollowing out of values for everyone.

You have to understand the origins of the movement to support black-owned businesses. During the epoch of segregation, it was Jewish-owned businesses that opened shops in black neighborhoods since most Whites wouldn't do it. Blacks got upset with this and wanted their own businesses , but they got tricked by (((white liberals))) into supporting colorblind consumerism instead.

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There's nothing wrong with wanting to support businesses owned by your people.

There is also nothing wrong with wanting to expel foreign people who refuse to support businesses owned by your people and only support businesses owned by their people. They can do all this peacefully and safely in their own nation state.

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Does anyone else feel like this is some next level LARP Troll playing on some deep cucked need to identify with sexually strong black men? If I was going to psyop you cunts, this is how I'd do it. Take your brains out and play with them as voat's Token.

Don't get me wrong, I really want to be wrong about this. That part of me that voted for Obama cuz he was black and a Democrat and we're fucking trucking right along with Hope and Change like a big sucker fucking retard, needs a wee bit of a hug for this to be true. lol what a bitch, fuck you me.

I digress and it's the wine. I blame it. Jesus made it. I'm drinking it. Hey, that sounds like a country gospel song doesn't it?

"Wine, Jesus made it and I'm drinking it."

OK magic negro, I summon yee forth to this focal point in this thread to reveal your blackness for judgement so that yeeee can be found worthy of the adoration of the gullible foolhardy white man and his indian side kicks who never get the fucking credit they deserve because WHITE PEOPLE. I digress.

Hi how are ya, hi how are ya, high how are ya. Indian chant fuckers, don't be racist.

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I'm 100% black. Wait there's a bit of Irish and Chinese and French thrown in too.

[–] lexsird 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Have you ever read my posts, how can you not flip out on me as a nigger black man? Does that word hurt you? I feel like that guy in Princess Bride, for posterity, would you scale the pain. I digress.

Have an up voat for not being a sensitive cunt.

I'm not very white. lol I get mistaken for being ethnic. Italians want beat my ass when I say I'm not a wop too. I'm dark. Dark women think I'm handsome as fuck. It's the cherokee. Red niggers. Hurray! And Irish. OMFG, the niggers of white people. Is it any wonder I'm not writing from prison?? Hey I've got the booze slurping irish genes along with the native american lack of tolerance to it. hahahaha. Ah fuck I get drunk when I get drunk, but I've got wicked tolerance. Weeeeee!!! Wine.

So Magic Negro, how do we know you aren't fucking with me without doxxing yourself to these shifty white devils? Don't PM me shit. Can we play a game I'd like to call "Let's Vet the Magic Negro!" We need Drew and the Crew to come host our game show of this. We'd stomp fake Springer. I digress.

Fuck, I'm way out of my element here. Who's got some Psych Warfare beyond Introductory? Anyone?

Fuck it, I've got one.

AC/DC when the lyrics of Highway to Hell come to "See the nigger on the one way ride" * is that raaaaycist, or just metal head wild assed aussie rock and roll being what it is and not out there fucking with the black man?

I've had bullets less loaded than that question, good luck and lets see how our contestant does. /plays music

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I dropped a major red pill bomb in Government class

Oh boy, I bet he redpilled them on the holohoax

Communism is bad. Capitalism is good mkay.

... More like microscopic red pill

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Also that it's okay to be white, and BLM are terrorists.

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You watch any of those links I sent you?

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Oh boy, I bet he redpilled them on the holohoax

Why should he, he is black, the holohoax neither applies nor means anything for him. it is a nonsensical white mans fairy tale, completely uninteresting if youre not a white man.

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