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That's not a normie, that's an SJW.

Normal people don't go around using words like "POC" or making declarations about "white privilege".

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"Normies" have been force feed propaganda for years, some of them definitely use occasional SJW lingo they pick up on netflix ect.

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I've heard of no white genocide

GOTTEM. Add another tally to this masterful debater's victory column.

Checkmate, white supremacists.

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The classic "I don't know about something, therefore it's not real" argument.

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I don't know how people can be this dumb. Well, he is black, so maybe that's the answer

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I'm currently ensnared in an 'argument' with a redditor who insists that his experiences are the 'real world' and anything outside of that experience "never happens in the real world".

Their responses have been 90% Jennifer Lawrence gifs, because they have no argument outside of 'trump voters' and replying /r/Iamverybadass.

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I really do think the sheer brutality of violence against Whites in SA needs to be more widely known. That alone should red pill some people.

Raping women to death, crucifying children in front of their parents, slicing off eyelids of men and forcing them to watch their wives raped, etc. I think I recall another where a woman was stabbed and bled to death while her husband, who had his legs shattered with bats, desperately dragged himself to a neighbour's house for assistance.

Literally crucifying children for fucks sake. This level of violence is something I can barely comprehend having grown up in rural White country. It's actual physical torture. Meanwhile blacks moan as they consume the White man's tax dollars and take advantage of the affirmative action shackles he puts on himself. They have no idea.

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You know if an alien race should up and wanted to glass the planet and I was the only one who could stop them , I might just let them do it to wipe out all the niggers.

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Here's an example of white oppression in this country- racial quotas at schools and jobs. Any logical, unemotional reason to defend that?

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Pretend equality is man's natural state. Pretend to celebrate ethnic variety. Then, blame ethnic differences on men, not nature. Then, whites can't have worked for or inherited their gains, they can only have stolen them. Assert that government should shape society, and unequal property is theft. Then elect diggers to redistribute.

It requires lies, and it requires emotional manipulation of the greed of the stupid, but has a logic. If they revealed the logic, it would reveal the covetous evil in their hearts.

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White people were rassist in the 50s and 60s. Checkmate NAZI.

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Even then, who was it who stood by these people and said racism was wrong? Misguided whites.

These niggers would be slaves still without whites, probably in the middle east.

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I'd be game to move to SA with a couple thousand whites and take that area as our own. I'm sick of talking.

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Good luck getting there with any weapons, since "you talking about this online" could get the NSA to inform the Coast Guard or Navy about your "international arms trafficking".

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yea there's no way I'd be able to bring weapons there anyways, but a few hunting rifles are effective enough.

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and the U.N would come and take away your guns.

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apparently there are mercenary groups for hire to take back office buildings and stuff in South Africa. So could just join or create one of those mercenary groups.

There are also mercenary groups that hold automatic weapons to protect cargo ships from pirates in the oceans near Africa. Just when they reach western ports apparently they just throw their weapons into the water.

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You need experience to get hired on at most of those places. I imagine one panicked dude with an AR could cause quite the mess in the media. Would be so nice to kill those worthless squatting animals though.

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It's infuriating not being able to do anything

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*1. Affirmative Action

1a. College Admission preferences

*2. Membership in Black Organizations- (white candidate Steve Cohen pledged to apply for membership in order to represent his constituents.)

*3. United Negro College Fund- both the refusal to whites and the double standard where a United White College Fund would be ridiculed and dismissed as rayycisssst!.

Give me a few minutes and I am absolutely sure I can come up with a few more instances where whites are "oppressed". Usually we don't give a shit though and just push on through because we're not whiny crying pieces of shit.

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^yellows are oppressed in the same exact way as well.

Face it, the country is lost to niggers and mexicans. It's a society worshipping the dumbest and the most violent group of people. The American system is the exact opposite of meritocracy.

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I fucking hate the niggers.

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Imagine: 44 out of 45 presidents are the same race as the historical majority of the country's population. Shocking.

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Blacks make up more than 2% of the population.

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Sure, but it is a first past the post voting system.

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They don't have the required intellect to be a good president. Checkmate.

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Imagine your people colonized and brought civilization to a wild land, excelled in science and education, helped nations all across the world only to have it slowly rot from the inside because your posterity can't stand getting brow beaten by some brown heathen.

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