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His name was Michael Hastings

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Aren't you looking forward to the day when self-driving cars make the roads safe? /s

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He's not the only one. On one hand it's good that this didn't get buried. On the other, it's bad that Rich is the only one who got the "spotlight."

  • John Ashe worked for the DNC in the fraud department. DEAD.
  • Seth Conrad Rich who worked at the DNC who worked on voter data. DEAD.
  • Victor Thorn an author who was investigating the Clintons is DEAD.
  • Shawn Lucas a lawyer suing the DNC and DWS is DEAD.

Three of those deaths all occurred inside the span of 30 days last year. The fourth occurred a week or two outside that window. We anons started digging into the shit and reporting on them as they seemingly dropped like flies at the time, but naturally MSM never covered any of it. Long after the fact Seth Rich's murder was essentially signal boosted in the effort to get someone, anyone, in the normalfag world to fucking notice.

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you guys

Stupid faggotry aside, this is the real world. You're not going to send in Rambo and actually expect him to kill all the Vietnamese on his own when the entire country is against him. What part of "deep state" don't you understand? There is a core oligarchy of unelected bureaucrats who control the country, and they did not want Trump. The people of the USA are not in control of their country. You become police chief of a police department wracked with corruption, with internal affairs and oversight organizations also corrupt, you're gonna have a bad time trying to clean the place up. You're trying to sweep a minefield here, you have to watch your step. Someone's not going to run up Mount Everest in ten minutes.

You want to talk about ineffectual, ask why and how even with giant banking cartels and mainstream media and courts all poised against something (((they))) don't like, they couldn't effect the result they wanted, though they tried very, very hard. They're still trying with all the histrionics and obvious collusion..

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Remember the Audio Tapes, Remember the Awan Brothers and their involvement .... Remember the FBI car that was broken into..... Remember the report that the FBI changed. Remember the fact he went to a hospital ..... and bled out there.... Only the OBGYN was allowed to tend to him ( no nurses )( OBGYN was married.... had ties to DNC....) His wounds were not fatal.... Remember the 2 DNC Mexicans that were killed days / week later... connect to MS-13...

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Freedom isn't free. Let us not forget.

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I thought his name was Robert Paulson

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His name was Andrew Breitbart

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if - The Samurai

  • if a man insults you, laugh
  • if a man chases you, run
  • if a man corners you, kill

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Words of wisdom.

Unfortunately, it is known the Clintons do not have any sort of honor in what they do, whatsoever. They are rats, filth, scum. Evil incarnate.

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His name was Jeff Hastings.

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