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You should review all the Conspiracy Theories that have ended up coming out as full blown Conspiracy Facts.

Look for a pattern. One thing you may notice is that the Government lies. The Government lies even when the truth is sufficient.


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Everything you've been taught about the time period from 1913 to present is a jew lie.


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people will laugh this one off or write it off as racism, but the biggest truth on voat is jews are literally behind almost every shitty thing that has happened on this fucking planet for a very, very long time


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One of these illustrates plenty of the idea. Ultimately we are slaves to the owners of the federal reserve, seems likely they are the unseen oligarchy who pull our politicians puppet strings.

https://youtu.be/iFDe5kUUyT0?t=80 20 minutes, drier, just the federal reserve details, Mike.

https://youtu.be/mII9NZ8MMVM 30 minutes, cartoony, a little extra, easier to swallow.

https://youtu.be/5hfEBupAeo4 43 minutes, all wars are bankers wars, illustrates the federal reserve some, places context surrounding it and the global banking system in general.


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SSP = "secret space program"


theres prolly some freaky shit in your flu shots


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House prices.

The current housing market is not functioning.

House prices and therefore western capitalism is being propped up with the import of millions of pakis and niggers.

Without the import of all the immgrants house prices would collapse in the west.

It was one things when western governments used a visa system and only allowed in the best and brightest. But now they are actively importing the lowest of the low. Just to prop up house prices.

The banks (The fed. etc) used up all their ammuntion to fight an economic collaopse back in 2008. They paid of all the banks and the rich. But then they realised that there were no riots, no real protests that they could not subvert. So the wealthy kept on stealling. So now, when there should be an economic collapse, they are just brushing that aside by importing millions of shitheads.

It is not like the rich have to live next door to the illegals, the niggers and pakis. That is only for the poor!

What are you going to do about it?

Nothing. That is what you will do.

So. On it goes.


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People use to build their own homes, and what people are willing to live in has changed. Home prices are through the roof because the Western babies are spoiled and lazy and all want to live in mansions.. I'd be happy with a log cabin with a wood burning stove as long as I can hunt and fish when I wanted and make a bit of money for saving and the odd indulgence.


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When your parents say they love you it is actually a code word for begrudgingly accept.


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That's stupid.


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Calling 2 people a conspiracy is a bit of a stretch I admit.


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You sure? Here are a few interesting ones;

  • Phoenix Lights
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Unacknowledged (by/and Steven Greer)
  • Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  • MK Ultra ( and their brainwashing techniques)
  • Who Killed the Electric Car
  • Stanley Meyer and his water fuel cell / assassination (poison)
  • Antarctica (for fun)
  • The Holocaust lie
  • ... and so on.


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Well you know the current Weinstein saga and what thats causing yeah...

So that Leah Remini show is on TV again. And reading the news i see Mr Travolta, has again, been accused of sexually assaulting a masseuse. Now all of this is not all that long after the Project Chanology stuff doxxing the Scilons, a lot of back and forth and open harassment, outwardly shitting on the law.

Scientology is wholly dependant on the secrets that the Toasters themselves tell the church.

John Travolta might be on the hook for abuse. CoS second biggest and one of their longest serving VVVIPs is in the shit.

Maybe the pizzagate crowd isnt so barmy after all, because im wondering if someone is tugging at the strings of the Toasters.

I wonder what happens if we look at Messrs Cruise, Miscavige et al a lot more closer. We know the shite thats going on behind the scenes.

My question is -

Of all of these people that are getting accused of shit at the moment.... how many of them are Scientologists? Could we perhaps be seeing the beginning of the implosion of the worlds largest, richest, and public cult? The timing of this all certainly seems to fit with the seeming implosion of hollyweird.


Im not actually a conspiracy theorist. CoS is conspiracy fact Hollywoods sexual abuse epidemic is no longer conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact - Im actually really fucking interested to see what happens now. And im literally not kidding, about 30 mins ago Reminis show was on TV and on the news thing on my phone im looking at fresh allegations against Travolta and the penny dropped. I logged on looking to find somewhere to post exactly that theory.

Could Trump even be lining up Scientologies coffers? Pretty sure what theyve got would pay for your wall and then some.

Pic relevant

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