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What's there to get about nihilism? It's pretty damn straight forward.
They are too dumb to see that rick is a miserable piece of shit.
His nihilistic philosophies cause a massive amount of devastation and suffering.
He thinks because there is an infinite amount of universes or timelines that it negates the individual value each one possesses.
It's like saying, "There's 7 billion people so this individual doesn't matter." Nihilism and Communism go hand in hand. Nihilism (like Communism) has no place in a civilized world.


[–] zipcodemonster 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

I was about to ask that, too. Is it just because it's scifi? What is there to get? The jokes are hilarious but not often very complicated. Am I just not a genius?


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It's just the show The Big Bang Theory in cartoon format. The jokes and following are the same thing. The jokes involve science so the left pretends it makes them smart to watch the show, and that anyone who doesn't like it just doesn't understand science.


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I agree, I've found nihilism to be a pervasive and very disturbing aspect of people in my age group. (early 20s)


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It's true that good or bad don't exist

There's no good or bad when two planets collide each others, or if an entire solar system gets sucked into a giant black hole

Where is the good or the bad there ? It just happens eventually, like storms and rain

There's no good or bad, from a "galactic" stand point


And that's precisely the fundamental error nihilists/absolute relativists commit, IMO

They reason at a scale/from a perspective which isn't theirs

Why not reason from a rock's perspective while we are a it

"Universal" ideologies tend to fall in that basket too, you can't please every1 and not everybody has the same ideals/objective, it's a waste of time to search for some sort of unified philosophy of all the things

Can try but at some point you'll get stuck


Civic nationalism also tries to accommodate everybody under the same banner in some way, but I digress


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my cells are in communism making up my body.