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No one is providing rational deduction and all this is being fueled by anger and lobbyists. Yeah, Google censors. But there are alternatives to Google like duckduckgo and VPN. If comcast had their way you wouldnt have access to vpn, they would launch their own search engine and make it faster than google, duckduckgo, and anything else, and you really won't have any options.

Can the system be improved over what we have now? Yes. Is title 2 the best possibility? No. Is revoking it a good step for the average user? No


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"why do I have to pay frontier more for higher speeds?" companies have limited bandwidth. imagine their limit is 1000GB/s and they ahve 100000 subscribers. they have to distribute that between users. they can set up tiers to give more bandwidth to some users so that you can download some things at 10MB/s instead of 1MB/s.

"Why does my cell provider throttle down my unlimited data after 10gb?" net neutrality doesn't protect this. what net neutrality does protect is that when you have 10GB of bandwidth remaining and you want to watch a youtube video at 4K and it needs 500MB/s that you will have access to that full speed. without net neutrality your ISP can throttle that video to 40MB/s, reducing your resolution.

"The feds cant do anything to help get us better internet." They can. They aren't, but they can. Breaking monopolies can help. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breakup_of_the_Bell_System

"State and local government needs to promote competition between telecoms." Yes, absolutely. Why not the federal government as well? assuming the feds can only do harm is not an accurate or sensible approach. In addition, ISPs are lobbying the federal government to stop small government from making their own ISPs to compete against comcast, time warner, etc. Source

" Not just give subsidies to one company and make it impossible for anyone else to lay fiber line." Agreed. Break up regional monopolies.

"The fed should be calling out local and state governments that dont promote free market competition for internet providers." I'm not a lawyer, but it's more complicated than that. Small governments have been sued by comcast and AT&T has done the same.

I have to assume anyone opposed to it is hired by ISPs. This is a pretty simple issue. I think you're bought or retarded, honestly.


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I do not understand the question.


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Isp: faster is more expensive for the same reason using more electricity is more expensive.

Phone: some of the first answer and same reason texts used to cost money. To fuck you over.

Netflix: same as first answer