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As I always comment on these captured images - a HUGE FUCK YOU to the Cucked up spawn of a prostitute that blanks out all the names. The whole thing loses its stated purpose when you do that.

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It's probably a Reddit thing to comply with the TOS.

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Maybe. I would think these would find a better home on 4chan. Anyhow you give me an idea. Now I want to register cuckit.com domain and just have it redirect to reddit.

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Here you go. I used Bing and searched a quote from the image.

The woman's name is Taelor Vega, and the man is named Johnny Heward.

However, this is apparently a fake conversation created by Johnny Heward himself.

Here is some details I found as well: https://saminsanity.blogspot.ca/2012/06/taelor-vega-and-johnny-heward-truth.html

Taelor Vega does not exist.
Johnny Heward does exist.
The photo of 21 yr-old Carolina Neves Ribeiro from Brazil was used without permission.

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I knew it! Whenever the names are blacked out, you know it's fake. I can't upvoat you enough, great sleuthing!

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Sadly not that uncommon, and has been a thing for a long time. Stay away from bars near bases.

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Extra thirsty bitches at bars near bases... gotcha, will steer clear

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This reeks of /r/incels photoshopped rage/revenge porn.

Not saying such behaviour isn't rife, but this particular conversation looks fake as fuck.

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You sure? This has been around for years now.

[–] Charlez6 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Of course I'm not sure. How could I be sure?

It looks fake to me, that's all I'm saying. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong.

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Really seems like a fake convo but ok

Spez: in fact i can almost guarantee this is a fake

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Why is this shit on v/whatever?

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...and not on v/.....?

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How about v/stupidbullshit?

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A real bro has you back.

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Having an ugly wife helps.

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When I was younger this sort of thing was unthinkable

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My grandpa told me stories about when he came back, after being a prisoner of war, everyone that he came back with that had a wife, didn't have a wife anymore. All of them remarried. They only where gone for four to five years (1945-1949).

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Yeah that blows me away.... Those men lost more than was even reasonable then it ushered in this cucked ass society we have today.... Disgusting

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What side did he fight for?

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Kids used to be like a workforce around the house/farm, now they just are just a burden to some because life is so easy.

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Chicks like that need a red letter tattooed to their forehead

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