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  • Hitler was right.
  • The Protocols are real.
  • The Jews have been repeatedly cunt-punted out of 108 nation-states for attempting the same bullshit inside every nation that allows them in their borders for over 2,000 years.


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Pharaoh builds pyramid empire.

Random desert clan shows up.

Oy vey, we can help you with accounting, goy! Look at these amazing abacus-based financial instruments.

Some decades later:

Native Egyptians impoverished.

Hook noses everywhere in court.

"How about some Nubians, goy? They are just like us. Some race-mixing won't hurt either."


Goyish immune response activated...

40 years of walking in the desert while yentas complain about everything.

"Oy vey, we were persecuted, remember the holocaust in Egypt"


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You forgot to add mass murdering all the Egyptain first born male children, and then declaring it a holy day.


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22page PDF - goes over document trial findings (1934-5), and subsequent appeal. It appears after reading that it was only the Jewish press that thought it was a forgery, and wouldn't admit that the original finding was quashed completely. The author states how obvious it was then. Just as obvious as it is now. Good historical reading..


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Thanks, I've been looking for something like that.

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The only thing Hitler was right about was his insistence that Slavs are subhuman untermenschen fit only for slave labor, and he was right only so far as a broken clock is right twice a day.


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I see that ShareBlue got an aged account to shill with. You actually used to put forth an actual argument and you never rode lefty cock. I have a long memory.


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And that international jewry is a blight on this earth, and that the Volkswagen Beetle should exist.