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  • Hitler was right.
  • The Protocols are real.
  • The Jews have been repeatedly cunt-punted out of 108 nation-states for attempting the same bullshit inside every nation that allows them in their borders for over 2,000 years.

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Pharaoh builds pyramid empire.

Random desert clan shows up.

Oy vey, we can help you with accounting, goy! Look at these amazing abacus-based financial instruments.

Some decades later:

Native Egyptians impoverished.

Hook noses everywhere in court.

"How about some Nubians, goy? They are just like us. Some race-mixing won't hurt either."


Goyish immune response activated...

40 years of walking in the desert while yentas complain about everything.

"Oy vey, we were persecuted, remember the holocaust in Egypt"

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You forgot to add mass murdering all the Egyptain first born male children, and then declaring it a holy day.

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22page PDF - goes over document trial findings (1934-5), and subsequent appeal. It appears after reading that it was only the Jewish press that thought it was a forgery, and wouldn't admit that the original finding was quashed completely. The author states how obvious it was then. Just as obvious as it is now. Good historical reading..

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Thanks, I've been looking for something like that.

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I see that ShareBlue got an aged account to shill with. You actually used to put forth an actual argument and you never rode lefty cock. I have a long memory.

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And that international jewry is a blight on this earth, and that the Volkswagen Beetle should exist.

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The ultimate redpill/blackpill is that we fought on the wrong side in WWII. I need a drink.

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Better make that a water cause we have shit to do.

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Don't start with me man, I put in a solid 8 hours today. Bourbon at the finish line.

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Unless you're German, in which case you should be incredibly uplifted and inspired.

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Hitler was right?

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That makes the most sense since he blames the Jews for everything and creates a final solution but then oh look European Jewish population before ww2 is 2.8 million (this is according to their records) after the war and the 6 million dead in the holocaust the number of Jewish holocaust survivors is 3.2 million, how did that happen? Why are the cia jfk papers showing Hitler's signature in a manifest showing that he arrived in Argentina? I thought he killed himself and FDR wasn't a lying communist who sold us down the river and said he didn't want to be involved in ww2 and the income tax was only temporary??

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This is literally how mentally defective paid shills are. This is what they actually believe.

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"...how exactly did we win the 2nd world war?."

We didn't, apparently.

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Because Jews only know how to survive by Jewing. It is the one universal constant. The parasitically attach to a nation, bleed it dry, then when it's been fully plundered they move onto the next nation.

Fortunately, thanks to globalization, the entire world is becoming well aware that Hitler may have been the original hipster, some 100 years ahead of his time.

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Hitler may have been the original hipster, some 100 years ahead of his time.

does this mean you can get away with murder in europe because you killed hipsters and use the anti-semitism excuse?

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I wish somebody would adopt this into a YouTube movie. It be interesting to see visual aids to go along with the main points of the book.

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feel free to check out - https://youtu.be/i4SM9s4evOE

for the impending doom and genocide of white europeon race

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So sick. Genocide of any kind is unacceptable. I for one will not go gently, theses evil fucks better be ready to fight and die for their cause.. because I am willing to fight and die in the name of justice and peace.

Now pardon me, I need to go knock up my sexy white girlfriend.

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I’m really surprised I haven’t seen this before. This should be on the front page of the book right now. And I would’ve said the sentence before watching the video, but black people are easily the most racist people I’ve ever met my life. And if you don’t think they hate you behind your back you’re an idiot.

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The Greatest Story Never Told is a pretty good start. There’s great visuals and references, and you can watch it for free. (Also, what’s up guys, I’m new here and this is my first comment) https://thegreateststorynevertold.tv

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ive seen most of it...its really fucking long tho

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Who said 'you' won the war? You fought to protect Zionist interests.

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History has a tendency to repeat itself when you don't learn from it.

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