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[–] Obeastiality [S] 7 points -3 points (+4|-7) ago 

I'm surprised Voat was so hostile to incels, yet the rebranded "MGTOW" is apparently worth salty downvoats


[–] Gowdy 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago  (edited ago)

I've never liked either. Men and women are inherently different. Some of that is fucking hilarious. The idea that either gender gets butthurt and whines about it is a turn off. I don't like feminists. I don't like incels either though. A man that can't get laid isn't working that hard. A woman that fucks a thousand dudes would give you herpes/aids anyways. Make your own puzzle piece but don't wallow in misery. It's just sad.

edit: read through this whole 109 page thread... you'll see why voat hates incels.

Fucking degenerates.