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That's the thing about faggots: they're faggots, they're weak minded, and never stick around

Let the fucko have his /v/ and never go to the sub

So we should let him have his safe space, and encourage him to stick around because he won't?

Let fuckers like this have their own way is how you get Reddit. So fuck off with your concern troll


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Triggly don't be a faggot. You know it's fucking annoying seeing nothing but "sf" shit on the front page.


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Same attitude has cause how many problems for our societies, OP. Threats should always be considered serious and handled appropriately.


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one thing bugs me about this. what is paz? A little research led me to think it was just spic talk but idk.

I tried to make a meta post in EssEff about it but it was blocked, which is dumb. Shitty sub imo.