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Neofag was one of the first big video game forums where you could argue with other insufferable nerds over which games were better. Over time the demographics as well as the admins/mods coalesced to far left cucked identity politics and started to preach equal representation in games (throwing in black/gay/tranny characters for no reason) and in game companies. Like most leftists with any power, they banned people who disagreed with them and turned their forum into a cesspit. The change was fully realized with gamergate, as you might imagine.

Then it came out that the head admin/owner had some CP and that another did some other sexual harassment/assault.


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Finally, a great summary. Could you do the same for gamergate, I have no idea what that is either.


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GamerGate was caused by a video game journalist(reviewer) was fucking a feminist in exchange he would rate her shitty games with decent scores. It was leaked and then gamers were pissed. So the video game journalist as an entity united and created a giant crusade of calling people who play video games as sexist. Anita Sarkessia came in and cashed out probably millions. No one bought the shitty SJW games anymore and a lot of major game publications such as IGN have released papers stating that they will create journalistic standards to prevent this from happening again.

The SJWs ended up facing a major loss, as they have become irrelevant and their influence has almost entirely been stopped. Gamergate was also a huge red pill for Gen Z and tail end Millennials and pushed a very large demographic away from the left.


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Eron Gjoni released The Zoe Post, containing evidence his manipulative, abusive gf Zoe cheated on him with 5 guys, one of which is a game journalist. People dug up articles of positive coverage without disclosure from the married journalist and cried foul on the ethics around it. Other info about Zoe came to light. She was responsible for the sabotage of a major game jam, tried to do the same to a charity for women making games run by The Fine Young Capitalists by attacking their Trans inclusion policy, and collected money for her own never materialised Rebel Jam to her personal paypal, and attacked a bunch of forever alones on Wizardchan claiming they harassed her as a way to garner publicity so Steam would greenlight her shitty depression quest "game". 4chan users united to save TFYC gamejam, and created Vivian James as their fundraising reward.

This would have blown over except for the blatant collusion and censorship that took place after. On Reddit, a thread with over 20,000 comments was deleted outright, users Shadowbanned en masse. Eron was painted as an abusive Ex and anyone who said otherwise is a misogynist. Multiple outlets released Gamers are Dead articles full of contempt for their audience, and the existence of the Game Journo Pro list came to light, journalists colluding in a closed group to control the narrative and blacklist dissenters. Anita Sarkeesians kickstarter is funded and she cried harassment for victimbucks, very successfully. Randi Harper makes a twitter blocklist targeting prominent dissenters and anyone who follows them, labelling 10,000+ accounts as harassers of women. Included was dangerous felons like KFC, and the puerto rico chairman of the IDGA. Brianna Wu claims harassment over its fighting fucktoy game; claims its forced from home when evidence shows otherwise, and receives victimbucks. SJWs support pedos like SarahButts, and many male feminists on the anti GG side turn out to be harassers of women.


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Gamer gate is when Bill Clinton got caught using wow and red alert discs to sodomize a young retarded negro.

Very sad story, they found an old AOL disc in their also


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What? A male leftist/feminist involved in a rape scandal? I would never have guessed... aren't they supposed to be all "women's rights"? Truly shocking.


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"started to preach equal representation in games (throwing in black/gay/tranny characters for no reason)"

It's not about equal rights, it's about leading us towards the kalergi plan. They want to condition people to see everyone as being part of a global community/human "race" (it's a species not race). By having every piece of media and society multiracial/multicultural our perceptions of reality will be warped and we will have fallen for their agenda. The push for having "diversity" is to eliminate the idea of what constitutes as "normal".


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This is what happened to 4chan as well. It started out as a haven for free speech and the "anything goes" attitude, then over time it took a complete u-turn and became a hivemind controlled by sjwfats and bots.