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I think teaching basic manual skills is a parents responsibility. It only takes showing kids at a young age the cool things you can do with tools. Let them fuck up and learn from that. The best learning is done from ones own mistakes. It takes patience and time. It will sure come in handy when your shitter is overflowing.

When the chain of knowledge is interrupted or muted by suboptimal parenting, it takes only one or two generations for that knowledge to be lost.

Anyway, this discussion made me think of Monty Python's take on the generational problem.

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I guess its a lot harder to keep them interested nowadays what with all the distractions and the barrage of media that's rammed into their retinas. That's why you have to engage them while they're young. Once they have developed a taste for the superfluous world of mobile phones and television, its going to be a challenge to get them interested in that pesky real life stuff.

Most importantly, kids need to develop a sense of self worth, to shield them from peer pressure. Once they have succumbed to group-think (and the in-group might be a bunch of assholes), it'll be next to impossible to get your precious child back.


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To a certain degree, it shouldn't really matter whether or not they want to learn them. They should.


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You forgot the grandparents. My grandfather taught me survival skills carpentry etc.