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Does this more or less match anyone else's experience? I was responding to someone in /v/introductions and just didn't stop writing, so I made a post about it.

Didn't get much traction, but wanted at least a little feedback. Thanks in advance, and no worries if you'd prefer not to read it.

Tl;dr: Voat version of "I just wanted to shitpost and attack racist Nazis, 4chan, but now I'm you."

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I'll have to wait till tonight to read it all. I don't agree with everything said on Voat but agree with a lot of it. The difference is I've felt that way all my life and while I try to keep an open mind about most things I don't see much coming in to convince me that I have things wrong. I'd guess the majority here is younger than me though.

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Thanks for your time and input, sir!

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I should reread this in the morning because in all honesty, voat is one of the places that made me re access my own beliefs. Although this

You tell them. You lay it out for them in very simple terms. You link the video itself, and tell them what minute and second this event supposedly happened. You take a screenshot and put it side-by-side with the doctored image. You do all this, and they ask you to stop posting on their wall. You're triggering them, and they don't appreciate being attacked.

Despite your confidence in both your intellect and how open-minded you are, you fail to understand why someone would want to continue being wrong. It makes no sense, right? So you try again.

Some friends, and a few family members later, you finally decide to stop. They all told you to piss off. You're not even sure if some of them will ever speak to you again. Do they think you're lying to them?

There's nothing more you can say, nobody seems to want to hear the truth. Why? Why won't they listen, when you're going out of your way to lay out the facts and ensure that even a child could connect the dots?

rings especially true... it's maddening.

HOW CAN THEY NOT SEE THE WRITING FOR WHAT IT SAYS!? It's like extrapolation is impossible if it's not spoon fed to them in 140 characters or less

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Thanks a ton for the once-over, and maddening is a great word for it.

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Very interesting, Sir. This is a place where you can follow many taboo threads of thought as deep as you'd care to. There is an undeniable orchestration beneath the surface of things, and you can come here and try to piece it together, or throw the whole puzzle away if you like. This place is a privilege, an amazing resource for free thought and choice.

Thank you for all the enlightening conversations, Sir. Been caught up in reality through the summer, am looking forward to being back here amongst the goats. ♡♡♡

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The Awakening. Excellent- I'm going to share this on other platforms if you don't mind.

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I named this the "Descent of the Goat" because I wanted to stop at the punch line, and hope to write a "Rise of the Goat" or something later.

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I don't mind at all, glad you like it!

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Thank you- gonna share it. Really well done.

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For the most part, I suspect they do know. They know there is a carefully curated facade that has been supported by the "deep state" structure that we can never, will never see. Maybe on some level there is a capitulation to something so overwhelming. Maybe they're right. They're choosing a less genuine life, but that same structure that enslaves us also creates the fabric of day to day life. Without it, you have a great deal to figure out on your own. I'm not sure what good it does us to be aware of how small we are, how vast the landscape of bullshit is, turning people into grist. What does it change, to know what we do? Maybe we'd have been better off with canned beer and American Idol.

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Without knowing a better word for it, I'll now coin The Cypher Conundrum.

Maybe we'd have been better off with canned beer and American Idol.

Until (((they))) win. Utterly. Then that canned beer gets a little more expensive; the American Idol more laced with commercials. Suddenly you can't afford both and still pay your rent. Then you can't afford either. Then you hock your belongings to make rent.

Then you have no home. You live in your car.

Then you get your car repossessed.

The Bolshevik genocide happened. Every communist country has starved. Women being forced to prostitute themselves just to afford food, the men being forced into hard labor to afford a soggy cardboard box shack to sleep in.

If you truly had the ability to continue on without becoming an unwilling, unhappy economic slave, you might have a point. As it stands, putting your head in the sand will wind up with you tossed in jail for wrongthink, replaced by sandnigger savages, and likely raped or murdered by the enemies your supposed voted-on public servants invited in - on your dime.

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What do you suggest in the face of something so vast? Been thinking about moving to some bass ackwards state that doesn't have much going on, like west Virginia or Arkansas. Wyoming.