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Who cares?

The only thing that counts is that those submissive bitches lose their influence on politics, by stripping their right to vote.

The whole POINT of terrorism is to make weak people cave in.

Islam is like a parasite that infests societies that allow women to influence politics, and make it impossible to those societies to fight back, because women solve every problem by caving in. The more power women have in a society, the more it makes sense to attack that society by terrorism.

You basically can tell by the number of muslims in a country how much power women hold in the host society, i.e. how cucked the men are. It is not a surprise that of all countries, the scandinavian countries that boasted the strongest women and the most "emancipated" men are now on the brink of extinction.


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Quite a talent blaming women. You have been thinking of this justification for quite some time. I question if this justification worked in Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria during the invasion of muslums. They were all once Christian nations, but not run by women. I just have to ask...have ya got yourself a strong woman who keeps you in line?


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blaming women.

Umm, no. If men allow their women to open the gates and let in the enemy, which then proceeds to decapitate the men and rape the women, the blame lies completely with the men.

Women doing stupid shit is a sure sign that men who own the women are weak.

have ya got yourself a strong woman who keeps you in line?

No. My women suck my dick on comand.


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Hillary would have been laughed out of Saudi Arabia every time she visited.

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Why do you think Cultural Marxists promoted feminism over the decades?

The goal of cultural marxists is economic marxism. At some point economic marxists realized they cant outcompete capitalism in direct economic terms, so they concluded that they have to destroy the culture that capitalism is built on: nuclear families.

Cultural marxists are promoting feminism for the same reason economic marxists have promoted feminism: it destroys families, the natural support network, and makes everyone dependent on the state, which gives the people in charge of the state more power over its dependents.

How does it destroy nuclear families? Naturally, pregnancy, giving birth and raising children is so hard, that women absolutely can not do it on their own, and they need to be supported by men. So historically even if theyd rather like to be impregnated by some alpha to pass his god genes to the child, women were forced to marry boring beta male providers simply to incentivize them to work and support the child. Often, women would cuckold the boring beta provider and trick him into supporting the alpha' child. So marriage to a boring beta isnt something women want, but something they grudgingly have to compromise on.

Now Marxists realize that women do not want to be married and offer them a deal: you vote for socialism, we tax the boring beta providers you do not want to marry and pass that money to you so you can independently have a child with an alpha who wont or cant support the child, because he is too busy fathering other children with other "independent" women.

Marxism does not really have to "promote" feminism, marxism and feminism are natural allies because marxists and women have the same goal: to tax working men and pass the taxed money to themselves. Marxists want the money in order to avoid work, women want the money so they can avoid a marriage with a boring beta, and instead have children with alphas who wont support them. The cuckolding of the low-T beta is now nothing some women do covertly any more, the marxist state now does it openly and legally.