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Does working from home count as stay at home? Cause I've been "working from home" for over 20 years. And I have 4 kids who I raised to adults.

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Yes it would. If you're the primary caregiver to a child you are a stay at home father / mother. Families have always done what is practical and works for them, there is just a bunch of people who have spent about 10-15 years trying to convince teens and young adults that there its a problem or significant in some way if the roles in a family unit happen to align with gender role stereotypes.

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Pretty sure "stay at home" means putting "homemaker" down on the census forms.

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I run a ranch. That's different. I just never have to leave lol.

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"In particular, the number of people aged 16 to 64 not in the labour force because they are looking after family or home is the lowest since records began, at less than 2.1 million."

So the entirety of the homemaker profession is shrinking.

Just a few more generations and there will be no family unit left. All the kids can be raised by the state, just as the globalists intended.

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Yep, I was watching a video about Day Time Soaps and they are thinking that within five years they will be gone since there are simply not enough women at home during the day to make the shows profitable.

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I dont fault them. Sometimes its easier for women to make more money than men. The system is totally fucked against us

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I think stay at home dads are superior to both parents working.

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Parents> school

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I'd love to be a "stay at home" dad. I could find new streams of income for my family while also being able to home school. I read somewhere that a homemaker went from a 60h/wk job to a 13h/wk job in recent times, but i don't see many of these people trying to better themselves with that free time.

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Maybe you don't see it cause its not for you to see. I am learning to play an instrument during nap time. Ive heard of others doing similar things. Unproductive people will be unproductive. Also its not always about money.

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that is very true, and spending time with your kids is not "wasted time". I just feel like at the very least i'd build a CNC and work my way through codecademy and khan academy. Maybe make a bicycle, some woodworking, etc. Learning an instrument is also way up there.

I personally have some programming projects i'd like to work on, but simply do not have the time to put into them. I also haven't *gasp* read a fictional book for many years. Many of these activities can be done with the little ones as well. Oh, i would spend a lot of time walking around in the woods with my kid as well. I am always surprised at how few do it (when i go on my days off).

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"I think at one point in time it was quite trendy and adventurous to stay at home - men thought 'I should be a new man'.

college professors are so fucking stupid. No man stays home and takes care of the home because he wants to or because he sees it as an adventure. Men have done this because the woman can make more money and so the man has no choice. If there is a young child and she can make more then the man is simply trapped. The lesson from this is do not marry a woman who makes more money than you. No man wants to be in the stay at home dad position you numbfuck retard prof!

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They all went out for a pack of cigarettes...

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https://archive.fo/mEAs2 | :

Number of stay-at-home dads falls as novelty of being a 'new man' wears off

'For years the number of stay-at-home dads has been rising, as more men take on responsibility for looking after the home and family. '

'The most recent figures show that 232,000 men were out of the workplace looking after children or the home - a fall from 241,000 this time last year. '

'Men feel that they are only valued for their work role."'

'But now the trend appears to be reversing, with the number falling sharply to a three-year low - and experts say the novelty of being a "new man" could be wearing off. '

'The latest ONS data shows that there are currently 232,000 men opting out of the workplace - the lowest number since 2014, and a sharp drop against a pattern which has been steadily increasing since 1993. '

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