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The rule of law comes before feels. To give amnesty is to take a giant dump on all the true immigrants who followed the legal process. If we disregard, how can we expect anyone else to give a shit?

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Amnesty is also an invitation for millions more to come.

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Well, I agree DACA should apply to kids too young to be prosecuted under federal law when they crossed. I think that age is 11. So I guess I believe in a very limited form of DACA without thinking its taking a dump on our laws. I also think they should just get papers to stay, not citizenship.

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I'm fine with that, but that's why they're already crying about splitting up families. They see where this is going. If they broke the law they leave. No anchors!

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Agreed. They have to integrate. Get a job, pay taxes and for their own schooling. Then I don't care.

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They still get the benefits from coming here illegally, getting to stay. The reason there are so many illegals here now is because Regan handed out an amnesty. More will just keep coming, they have to go back.

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Trump didn't usurp the law, Obama did, and now Trump is having to deal with the fallout. It's just like Afghanistan: he may have wanted to end it, but once he met with his generals and learned what was really going on (whatever that might be), he changed his tune.

It's one thing to have ideas or convictions as a candidate without all the facts, and another to be "the decider" and making a fully informed decision.

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Trump is giving us a big FUCK YOU to supporters

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I think you misunderstand how hard edge Trump supporters are about illegal immigration. Children brought here by their parents are not responsible for the illegal act of their parents.

I am OK with the responsible ones staying. Give them 2 years after their 18th birthday to report their status, then provide an expedited access to a green card. The parents can get fucked.

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Been saying the same thing. Globalists wouldn't allow a non-globalist in the white house. We're still waiting for the swamp to get drained and Hillary's arrest. And they're not going to happen. He's one of them - maybe not always, but he is for the next 3 years.

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Globalists wouldn't allow a non-globalist in the white house.

What the fuck? Were you in suspended animation for the past 18 months? The globalists did literally everything in their power to prevent him from winning. And they still are.

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You're not wrong to think that. I mean, it's not like we have any real idea of who these people, that want to be our leaders, actually are.

If all public actions are for the sake of maintaining popularity among the voter base, than he is no different than any other politician. We will only see his true colors when the end of his terms are done and finished. In that case, hopefully the next guy put in office will be our real guy. It's obvious that Trump is not as hard on israel as much as his base would want.

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He is wrong to communicate like a moron though. Gets old.

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I said the same thing. Look who he's surrounded by. He was the grand marshal of the Israel parade

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You're right.

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We got jewed again. Just another puppet.

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If he gets the wall for daca, he's not necessarily compromised. God damn I hate the military excuse though. It reeks of leftist propaganda.

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Serving in the military is already a way to get your citizenship. It's not offering anything new, but apparently people think it is. I don't like this situation but I have more respect for the DACA recipients who are taking a path to citizenship of their own volition (or are legally bound to it now haha) verses the ones who are straight up leeching off the system.

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" straight up leeching off the system." that's the vast...VAST majority of them. The fake media loves to cherry pick the "success" stories like the DACA kid who became a doctor but didn't pay one fucking dime for her education which is conveniently left out. Now, should she be deported? Absolutely yes. The few that joined the military should they be deported? No, joining the military has always been a fast track to citizenship.

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God damn I hate the military excuse though.

How many of them serve, like 1/2 a percent? Agree with you completely.

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0.1% according to Tucker Carlson.

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Hey that gives me an idea...I'd support #DraftTheDreamers. Let those 800,000 enlist in the military; if they serve a full stint honorably they can stay. Otherwise, boot them. That gives them a fair choice, and if the elect NOT to serve our country they can get the hell out and stop whining.

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We have a majority in the House and the Senate. We should be able to get anything we want without compromise.

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Only if you believe in a unified Republican party that supports Trump and his agenda. #nevertrump happened if you remember. Reality is closer to establishment vs trump and the people. He's almost alone in the swamp.

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He has done things like this in the past, i will let it play out before drawing any conclusions.

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He's goading Congress into doing something. The point of this DACA thing now is getting Senate Republicans to drop their masks.

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That's it. We'll get some good things and also expose the traitors.

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We all do. But the UniParty doesn't. Trump is being forced to work with that.

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There are 35+ million illegals in the USA, were talkin 800,000. This is a distraction, go or leave, it's bullshit, not a victory. I wouldn't be shocked if daca passes and people act like it's a huge victory.

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Thse 800,000 are still criminals and terrorists who steal from hardworking american taxpayers

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They were a good bargaining chip, he just didn't get enough for them. Had he walked out with wall funding, most of us would be happy. These are the most Americanized of the illegals, so we could accept them, to a point. They are probably the most educated, as well. I'm not saying it was perfect, but allowing them in was a reasonable compromise, if we got something worthwhile for it. I'm reserving judgment until I see the bill, but it sounds like a bad deal to me.

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Whatever his plans might be you gain nothing by letting spics infest your nation. They have their own countries, they can take what they learned and apply it there.

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It is a bad deal. As usual, the Jews win. Because they have their puppet Trumpsteinbergwitzman in the White House.

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It IS a bad deal. I would accept a cap on more, let the ones that are here stay, but in return 100% funding for the wall. Anything less is unacceptable. Really he should be stumping for everyone primarying against rhino repubs, then change rules of senate votes to simple majority, then push through the agenda he promised when he was running. That's what the dems would do. What the fuck?

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The "deal" isn't done yet. Trump is beginning negotiations now. Let's see where we end up. It's a difficult thing when the entire government is against us and Trump.

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I swear you guys would turn on someone the moment they said something even slightly centered. What a bunch of fair weather friend bullshit.

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/u/ MrAmerica

I swear you guys would turn on someone the moment they said something even slightly centered. What a bunch of fair weather friend bullshit.

Then: "Hey, I am anti war and will end the 16 year 200 million/day military occupation of Afghanastain."


Then: "Were gonna deport all those islamists and hispanics."


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When it comes to being a bigot? Yes ,very much so. That was the entire line.

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I'm not sure I understand. Do you want someone who is "bigoted" or not?

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