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World Ranking #41

The really frightening part is that it goes lower.

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Equatorial Guinea, 59. For those who are wondering, like me.

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Don’t forget about those uncontacted tribes living in the Amazon and other places. I bet it gets worse.

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Niggers gonna nig. It took the longest time to finally accept that some people cannot be helped, will not be helped, do not want to be helped. They bask in their willful ignorance and celebrate their mediocrity. The best we can do is take away any sharp objects so these children don't do themselves or anyone else too much harm. Some people just need to be led with a big stick for their own good I'm afraid. And yes, they are some incredibly stupid white folks, I do not deny that. I say treat people as individuals, idiots as idiots, reasonable folks as reasonable folks, regardless of race, gender etc. That eventually leads to a realization that some population groups have much higher rates of idiocy than others, and I think it is in the interests of humanity to try to understand why.

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Niggers are funny.

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until their close enough to nigger on you

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That's why I live in a country with no niggers. I can appreciate their funny from afar.

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So if we could convince them that washing their hair with a depilatory will make them lucky…

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Bring back the urban legend that bathing in bleach will make them white; nigs are notoriously self-loathing and wish every minute of every day that they weren't one. Psychological warfare.

> "just look at Michael Jackson! It worked for him!"

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64? I'm not buying it, sounds way too high.

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Their smartest 10% is as stupid as our (USA) bottom third

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And we have some pretty stupid people. Look around.

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IQ isn't a linear representation of intelligence the farther you go from the mean the more extreme the differences are for each point.

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I really don't know but it seems like when you get to a certain point it doesn't matter, you are just stupid, might be hard to tell the difference between 50 and 40. Just a guess.

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Half of them are dumber, mate.

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Walk in any KFC and look around.

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Border collies have a higher IQ than that.

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Hey Niggers! There is a pot of gold at the end of the noose, go and see for your selves.

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