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Out of all the fucking conspiracy theories that'd be true...

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If proven, would be the most useless conspiracy theory to come true. Weather it is true or not, Michelle Obama being a man doesn't change any politics, it just might make people feel weird. It would ruin any political future of Michelle Obama, but that's only because of the lying by omission.

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But she... I mean it "had to lie" because america is so "bigoted" and "trans-phobic" she could still rack up a shit load of leftist votes I'm sure. Probably couldn't be president, though.

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... or maybe that's why they're pushing tranny normalization.

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Is he showing them on purpose? I mean that's pretty ballsy.

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This way Mike can come out during its presidential run. Theyre hoping the snake in the closet helps for the win

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I've seen a bunch of these stupid videos but this one is half believable

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You guys should head over to v/Transvestigation . A lot more trannies out there. It didn't begin with MIchael Obama either. It's been going on for a while.

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...why do I let myself get sucked down these retarded rabbit holes.......

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because retarded rabbits give the best hole suck.

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Subscribed! I can't believe I never thought of some of them.

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also my sub /v/TrannyDeaths, add what u want. This guy is right, trannies have been in our face since the 50's without people knowing.

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SaveTheChildren is deluded and that sub will give you cancer.

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All of its takes it one of us to go up and grab its crotch, and we will all finally know for sure and our minds will be at peace

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Don't do that. No one would every believe it. You got to pants him on camera.

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3-5 years for battery, eternal fame and glory. Worth it.

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If you need to gtab a set of nuts to prove they exist, you need to get your eyes checked. My AR would print less if i tried to conceal carry it.

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"Grab him by the balls!" -Donald Trump 1902

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Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton do not have a SINGLE, NOT ONE, photo of them being pregnant.

Just saying, if you can find one, it would stop the rumors, but I haven't seen any, ever.

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About Barry Soetero. aka. Barrack Hussein Obama


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