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I don't actually care what adults do, what grinds my gears is when they let children identify as anything other than their biological gender. You are not trusted to even smoke a cigarette until you are 18 but somehow what gender you are is a less important and less life altering decision? Ridiculous.

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Gender dysphoria = insane.

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My wife is mad at me. I've been sleeping in the garage since last week because I'm a car now. I mean, I was always a car inside but now I have decided to live as car she's pissed off. What a bigot I married.

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Of course it doesn't make you a chicken. It makes you a cock. Chickens are the females.

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I thought hens were female.

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Sticking a dick up their ass makes them gay.

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Probably because they don't have anyone in their lives to tell them this.