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[–] Koalemos_Grottesco 1 points 14 points (+15|-1) ago 

They get shit pay and everything about their job gets shittier the more urban it gets. Teaching in the suburbs or at a private school is much better so the better teachers flock there.

I knew someone that spent several years teaching in an inner city public school and it was a mess. Horrible pay. She constantly had to pull from her own pocket to get basic supplies needed to elevate the learning environment, most of the kids had no interest in learning anything, and she was regularly breaking up fights -sometimes getting assaulted herself.

She legitimately was trying to make a difference and she got shat on from every direction, no wonder these teachers get burned out, stop trying, or move on to better schools.


[–] Chimaira92 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

But hey, how about that 100 - 300mil fight between the Nigger and the Paddy?

or other famous sports starts/musicians/actors....

Christiano Ronaldo who earned $58 million in a years salary and guess what. If you lowered that down to $1 million dollar salary. He still made $35 million dollars in product endorsements!

Edit: I understand that it's all about supply and demand but you would think that a proper education for their own countries citizens would be in high demand, no?


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Why no one that votes is using the public education so why should the politicians push to improve it? I know that sounds shitty but that is how some/many of them think.