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While he didnt seem all that articulate, shitty teachers and the "handout packets" are singlehandedly doing more harm to the educational system than you could possibly imagine.

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They get shit pay and everything about their job gets shittier the more urban it gets. Teaching in the suburbs or at a private school is much better so the better teachers flock there.

I knew someone that spent several years teaching in an inner city public school and it was a mess. Horrible pay. She constantly had to pull from her own pocket to get basic supplies needed to elevate the learning environment, most of the kids had no interest in learning anything, and she was regularly breaking up fights -sometimes getting assaulted herself.

She legitimately was trying to make a difference and she got shat on from every direction, no wonder these teachers get burned out, stop trying, or move on to better schools.

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But hey, how about that 100 - 300mil fight between the Nigger and the Paddy?

or other famous sports starts/musicians/actors....

Christiano Ronaldo who earned $58 million in a years salary and guess what. If you lowered that down to $1 million dollar salary. He still made $35 million dollars in product endorsements!

Edit: I understand that it's all about supply and demand but you would think that a proper education for their own countries citizens would be in high demand, no?

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Adopts black culture as a survival mechanism and defends illiterate retarded black kids for street cred. This is "pls don't beat my ass in a pack of 6 the video". Sad.

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Exactly. It's sad to see a white boy gesturing and mouthing of like a nigger.

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I think I can imagine. We are currently surrounded by the destruction and dependency it brings.

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Why do I get the feeling that his peers would suggest something like:

"put him on Ritalin and take away anything that risks stimulating his mind"


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Oh yeah! Teachers are making diagnosis for drug makers and get a "problem kid" a doctors appointment. They come at the parents with "oh he is a disruption and if you don't put him on these meds then he cant be in the classroom oy vey" and its almost always the lower-income kids. Not the rich kids.

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This. First hand experience here. Heeb drugs and the heeb drug lobby need to go. G-d I hate KIKES.

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This guy was on tosh.o a couple of years ago when this first came out.

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First off, that is no fucking "kid".

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"Get them excited." How is she gonna do that with a bunch of niggers. This kid's gotta get out of that school and go learn on his own terms. Niggers are there just to drag everybody down including the teacher.

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Several years of teaching untruly children maybe she did give up.

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By the look of her it was the ho hos, twinkies and most likely oceans of beetus. She never gave up because she never tried, just trundled her way through life eating crap and doing as little as possible.

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What is that accent?

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Camouflage ebonics adopted by white kids who want to get tortured less when surrounded by blacks.

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Non-regional dialect, which is from Ohio! And now you know! We spoke mistly non-regional dialect inpublic schools the we were southern... Bigger cities tend to use whats on the news and the neqs chose Ohioan dialect.

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Black hood accent

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I am there a non-Jewstagram link? I can't access it because I don't use heeb social media.

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Archive.is was giving me issues with it :/. And I don't either someone texted it to me.

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archive.is does not rehost video content. @eagleshigh get youtube-dl, that way you don't have to deal directly with instashit designed for mobile peasants.

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This guy makes me want to go learn something right now.

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