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Was anyone really arguing that the hurricanes, as a whole, were caused by climate change? MORE or STRONGER hurricanes maybe, but surely no one is saying that "if it weren't for that gosh darn climate change we wouldn't have anymore hurricanes". Honestly sounds like he's being willfully ignorant with what I can only assume is a poor attempt at a straw man intended to push a narrative.

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There are actually SHITLOADS of people that think that these hurricanes wouldn't be happening at all if it wasn't for man-made CO2 emissions. People are stupid, don't underestimate

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Shhh. You're breaking the narrative.

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I'm going to have to agree that 7 billion people can have an affect on the climate.

I will agree that we have varying unreliable data and what is being recorded hasn't necessarily been perfectly recorded before. Climate scientists are trying to piece together a concise history from vague data clues.

But 7 billion people plus the advent of the industrial revolution pumping out various chemicals with insulating properties can have an adverse effect on a world of our size.

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The proper term is GEOENGINENEERING. Otherwise known as weather weapons.

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Poor way to analyze data. (Exaggerated to illustrate the point) but theoretically we could have had 100 hurricanes from 2000 to 2017 and 19 from 1850 to 2000.

Sure you can compute the average of 119/(2017-1850) = .71 Hurricanes per year. But again that doesn't prove nor disprove anything because it does not consider any trends.

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Woah sir, you go against the flow here on Voat, you'll be called a kike and downvoted. Climate change is like evolution in some ways, where the right winged, religious nuts denied evolution and ridiculed anyone for believing it. They brought up all these "proofs" and "facts" on how it was not real.

Now, most believe in it, though some still deny it.

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no one is denying it, the question is to what degree does man actually affect climate change?

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The most annoying part is that people don't realize that the source of the denial originated from the oil lobby

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Wow ur so smart

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The question actually is to what degree does man actually affect climate change? The world has been constantly changing from warmer to cooler, cooler to warmer, long before man-made CO2 emissions.

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Irma was a full blown 5 (with many hyper-boiling and wanting to add a new class 6) but she dropped to a category 3 by the time it skirted Tampa and its eye hadn't hit land yet. Its not the rating that has changed but our way of accurately measuring and visualizing that's changed. http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutsshws.php

Add all this additional data and increased resolution to a for-profit-for-eyeballs so called "news" service whose sole job is to scare you and its just gotten out of control. You hear them scream about how deadly the storm is yet the very same network sticks a 100lb news woman next to a van out there to be in the thick of it and 'on the scene'. All the networks showed a horrible deep magenta and red hurricane on the weather maps when the actual weather service updater for my phone only showed the tiniest of red here and there. most of Irma was green and yellow.

hype, hype, and more hyperboled hype. and all the future models are skewed and are bullshit.

And of course im not saying hurricanes are not dangerous or deadly. Dora raised the sea level 10 feet in jacksonville in 1964 but was only a cat 3. No one in florida will forget hurricane Andrew either. That was a bad one, it hit florida in 86 and killed over 50 people and literally leveled some small florida towns entirely. It was a freaking huge hurricane that was our worst and it hit the state right in the middle of those charts lowest dissipation point.

Once the environmental community included carbon dioxide to the list it ended. game over. they have jumped the shark and the numbers will never go down no matter what. global cooling didn't do it, CFCs didn't do it, global warming didn't do it....CO2 did it. population is only going to go up and undeveloped land is only going to go down.

population is the problem- https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.POP.TOTL

deforestation is the problem- https://www.worldwildlife.org/threats/deforestation

neither of these actual real problems were addressed by kyoto or paris. all those agreements do is strangle first world nations so global industrialist (corporations, not the jooooz) cant exploit 3rd and 4th world nations. The Paris agreement is far worse. It requires first world nations to actually pay to develop 3rd and 4th world nations infrastructure... for industry of course.