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Pretty sure the problem with the laugh sucker thingy was cruelty, not automation.

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Pretty sure all the monster were alright with large degrees of cruelty as kids were visited meticulously... And automation, i.e. keeping kids to harvest screams from, was the plot, right?

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Communism is based on and can only achieve utopia if all can trust one another.

Trust is the one thing that will always expose the human, they can never be trusted, we are made of greed.

Only a fool or an oppressor would believe that a communist state could ever be a viable option.

Sadly, here in Canada we have a prime minister who is both a fool and an oppressor, a communist agenda can not be far from his tiny mind.

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It's easy to draw the parallel, they're both overly idealistic fantasy.

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She's outta our haaaaaaaair.....and just when I dare to care

She says oh contrair, you're my pear.....of friends. I love you.

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Oh my. In a jewish production? Yeah right...

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