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No, we like to be with people of similar intelligence, there are just not that many around.

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I'm surprised this wasn't brought up: generally, your average person isn't going to be very comfortable with someone outside a certain band of their own intelligence(for better or for worse). Your average person is surrounded with people in this band, so they simply never notice. Add in the fact that smarts and unusual tastes have a bad habit of intersecting and you've got a recipe for somebody who's loathe to socialize - even if that's all they crave deep inside.

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Also the higher the intelligence the more complicated/time consuming the hobbies and the ability to figure out how to find new ones when things go stale. You also have a lot more to read/interact with if you're capable of understanding complex story lines, strategies and philosophy. My buddy dated this chick who didn't like comedy because you'd have to explain the jokes, people like this exist and are common.

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Can confirm. I like my friends, but most of them aren't that well informed about the world. And most other people are just too boring to be around after a while. No deep or original thoughts come out of most "normal" people.

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Very true. Once in a great while I encounter someone on the same page and we usually rejoice and have a good ol' chat because we're both smart enough to know that its back to the dipshits afterwards

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This. It's sad , yet very true.

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I'm a loner, so that totally means I'm super smart /s

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Yeah, now we can feel validated!

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I only read the title and I already feel amazing.

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Yep, that's the point of the article. Retarded click bait shit.

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Do you shop /S-Mart?

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I knew I were smart!

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Explains why I am so popular.

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But you're a bartender. It only makes sense that you'd be popular.

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People With Higher Intelligence Tend To View More Manipulative Click-Bait Articles -- Also Free Candy Inside!

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Lonely people are more likely to waste hours online reading click bait

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Have you tried interacting with dumber people? It's like pulling teeth. Now, imagine that most people you meet are dumber than you. I don't blame intelligent people for avoiding idiots.

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Even if you don't have an extremely high IQ, say, 120, then 90% of people are dumber than you. Talking to someone 30 IQ lower is like talking to a monkey. IQ 90 or lower is like 30% of the population.

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Intelligent people, they say, are better able adapt to the new, less pack-oriented, way of living.

This is the sum of evolution... to adapt to the new environment. Hence why the smarter humans always survived.

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the new environment is literally idiocracy though

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If everyone has to pull their weight, nature would balance it out.

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Whether it's because I'm smart or not, I absolutely treasure independence. Personally, I'd much rather find out what it takes to be psychologically healthy while isolated now than see what it's like down the road. I'd rather find out what's truly important now by giving up all the things that could hold me back. Ever since I started to see the world in a differnet way over the past few years, I've let most of the relationships and childish tendencies I used to have fall away.

I'd rather find meaning in life alone for the time being. I think it would mean a lot more to strip everything away and then be able to keep all the things I really want, all while adding value to my life through relationships I form and obstacles I overcome at the behest of no one but myself.

I figured, if I'm not really suppose to be here, I may as well find out what it takes to stay.

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I Want To Believe.

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even Moulder had Scully :D

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