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My boss (who is a whore for anything Apple) was telling me about this last night and how cool it was. And I told him no phone was worth spending $1000 on, and that I didn't trust it, and that I didn't want my face in a database somewhere. He said it was fine, Apple doesn't sell users' information, blah blah blah... I just let the conversation end there. Poor guy actually believes this shit.

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It isn't even if they sell your information or not. It is the fact that the police can make you unlock your phone with your fingerprint already without a warrant so your face will probably be the same. Supposedly you can refuse to use your face for locking and use a pin or password instead, but that might not be much longer. Anybody using face or fingerprint is basically saying the police can just go through their shit at will.

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Holy shit, I didn't know that about the fingerprints. It's fucking appalling, and yet somehow I'm not surprised.

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Men can get around the fingerprint thing by using their pecker instead of their finger. It actually works.. and cops would never think to tell you to whip it out.

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^ This

It is likely true that the data never leaves the secure enclave chip like what happens with touchid (Government already has plenty of facial recognition data courtesy of Facebook and fingerprints courtesy of schools/police)

But unlocking with a fingerprint or a glance is seen as action, not testimony and thus 1st amendment protections do not apply.

I would be somewhat open to using the face id tech if it could be coupled with requiring a simple passcode with solid retry lockout.

Biometrics on their own are not good security though, much better marketing.

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The trick is your eyes have to be open. I'm not sure they can compel you to open your eyes when they hold the phone up to scan you. That's similar to making you enter the pin code—it's an action, not just a passive measurement.

Anyway, no one is making you use the face unlock, just like you could avoid setting up touch id. Just don't use it if you are that paranoid.

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Problem is, he'll cheerily take your photo with it and you'll be databased without your consent because that cunt wants the latest toy. And he'll laugh off any objections you have while he fucks you over.

He's a walking surveillance node.

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I used to believe that most people were reasonably intelligent. I don't think this anymore.

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This is the main problem for us privacy-conscious folks.

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This basically already happened. He wants every new toy, and once he found out that there's a lock you can buy for your door that locks and unlocks via bluetooth, he had to have it. Which meant that I was required to get the app for it, which I didn't want. And of course the app required access to my entire fucking phone, and required a 'security picture', and required gps tracking. I was pretty pissed off about it.

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I believe that they, like google, don't commercially sell the raw data. but at some point, like google, they will sell services that use that raw data in ways that you didn't agree to.

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I believe they are all Government fronts, in some way.

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If it's like the fingerprint data it's designed in such a way that the relevant data can't leave the relevant chip, making it impossible for apps or even the OS to get anything other than a Yes/No response on authentication.

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Dude, Google, Facebook and Apple freely gives your personally identifiable data to the US Government. The same government that can't keep Chinese hackers from stealing the SSN's, birth dates, mothers maiden name information from Chinese hackers. Essentially you use those services do NOT expect your personal information to be safe for long.

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It's INSANE the amount of data idiots like your boss are just GIVING AWAY. I mean if someone is going to profit off my data, it should be me

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It's like those idiots that give their DNA to ancestry.com. Why in the world would you willing have your DNA logged into a database?

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isn't it also 1000 dollars?

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It sucks that you can't get a really good phone for much less than $700 to begin with anymore. Fucking TV that lasts me 10 years costs less.

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I was looking at phones the other day and was like "geez... this shit won't last me more than a few short years mainly because the software will be outdated and unsupported quicker than I can kill the phone." I was looking at the Samsung Active 8 because I'm abusive with my phones.. But I might just get a shitty phone for like $100 and go with that.

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OnePlus 3t. It's bad ass and like $450

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Got a Nexus 5X for $250 last fall.. but since Google killed the Nexus line I probably won't find that good of a deal again.

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Yes, for the cheapest model LOL

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If you pay that much for a phone your a fucking idiot to begin with. Cant wait for all the NFL niggers to get busted cause Siri watched them beat up their gfs.

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They have been $1000 since 6 plus

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isn't it also 1000 dollars?

Isnt it insane, that you pay Apple 1k for a phone, and then they go ahead and sell all that data anyways(Apple Adds). I understand that if its free, you are the product. But when the fuck did companies get so greedy that they made you pay a huge premium to get ass fucked?

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This on top of the fact that Apple deliberately slows down their phones to get you to "upgrade". I had suspected this years ago when suddenly my 4 ran so slow it was almost unbearable after a "software update" right after the 4s came out. So I switched back to an android HTC, which was probably the worst device I've ever had. I had it for a year before I just couldn't handle how shitty it was anymore.

Bottom line, our options are purposefully limited and both real options are run by evil corp.

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They found out people want that data and people will sell their first born for a shiny phone

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You mean the thing you invented out of thin air which doesn't happen? Gee.

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If you want to go the other direction away from the 1984 mobile market... check out the Librem 5 phone: https://puri.sm/shop/librem-5/

Does not run Google Android

Does not run Apple iOS

Runs PureOS by default, can run most GNU+Linux distributions

World’s first ever IP-native mobile handset

End-to-end decentralized communications via Matrix

5″ screen

Security focused by design

Privacy protection by default

Works with 2G/3G/4G, GSM, UMTS, and LTE networks

CPU separate from Baseband

Hardware Kill Switches for Camera, Microphone, WiFi/Bluetooth, and Baseband

Yes I'm pretty much "shilling" for the Librem 5 as this is the first of its kind and I believe our last chance at breaking free from the 1984-locked phones.

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Like a modern n900, I am intrigued.

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interesting, where is it made?

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"Although our core business is hardware, software, and services, and having spent the last 18 months doing phone research, there are still risks. We’ve partnered with one of the largest phone manufacturers in the world to produce the case, and fabricate the motherboard from our specifications, and of course sourcing the screen, battery, and power supply. We have a worldwide team to address all that we need; from mainland China manufacturing, Hong Kong exporting, South San Francisco USA assembly, European reseller, and a Worldwide developer network. We’re excited and ready for the journey from this campaign to delivered phone."

Check out their webpage for all the details.

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Yet another reason the daft Apple user should be escorted to an iron maiden.

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First time I've ever read a shill name and given the upvovoat anyways. Oh well, whatever.

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Fun fact: Iron Maiden's weren't ever actually used.

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Fun fact, a steely Dan was a sex toy.

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I will stick with my OnePlus 3t. I would rather the Chinese cia have my info than the US one.

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I would never buy that shit.

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If you buy it, not only are you giving up your privacy, but you're also indirectly complicit in enabling their factories' third world slave labor.

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They are no more slaves than the people working in factories here. Yes they make less, but with cost of living, not much less.

But, I agree they are slaves, and so is anyone that pays mandatory taxes and has no option to live life outside of a taxed situation.

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Chinese are an autonomous clone race. They are happiest doing repetitive tasks for 18 hours a day with no mental stimulation.

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Prove either of your claims. Oh, wait, you're lying about both. Go fuck yourself, faggot.

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At this point I'm seriously considering getting in on the Purism 5 crowdfund


Not really interested in Apple/Google anymore, they've lost their objectivity and their over intrusive data collection has become a liability for anyone not aligned with their ideological stances.

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Just in case you didn't know, if you haven't supported it yet, to wait and see if it'll take off, check out what the Purism team said in an update...

Since the question arose a few times, we wanted to update that this Librem 5 campaign is a no-risk, all-or-nothing, campaign. Which means we will only pre-authorize credit cards and upon the campaign reaching $1.5m we will then charge the cards. This makes it easy to back the campaign early, and pay later.

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Well that certainly sweetens the deal a bit.

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