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If he can't accept who he his, why should his grandpa?

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Someone posted this in shower thoughts and it remains one of the best arguments I've seen on voat.

EDIT: Holy crap there where a lot of grammatical errors in this post, voaters are very forgiving people for not down voating this to hell.

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Dude, grammar in an internet forum post means fuck all. It's not a college or even high school research paper. And just because someone has poor grammar or a thick accent does not mean the words they write or speak cannot have great value to any given topic.

Surely, you can urinate on that electric fence.

Ya'll don wanna piss on that there lectric fence.

Which one of those people sounds fucking stupid to you?

I've met engineers with thick southern drawls and poor writing skills who were incredibly well read and intelligent people.

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That's because this isn't Reddit, a place full of people who are such losers that the only thing they have going for them is asshat pedantry(i.e. "but what about. . .this (fact that misses the point entirely)") and grammar corrections. Voat doesn't have losers like that, most of the people here are doing something with their lives so they have no need to feel superior by bashing someone for their grammar.

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I've found that most of the time, people here will let it go when the errors are made in the comments (most of the time.)

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Most voaters care what you say, not how you say it.

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Cause most grandpas are above and beyond socially conditioned marxism. It's not about "should."

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Honestly, Jaden Smith may be able to answer so many of these types of questions.

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v/fuckyougrandad but also I can't wait til a couple years post-op when it realizes there aren't any do-overs.

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It's pretty telling that in in Scandinavia, one of the most tolerant places on Earth, the suicide risk remains unchanged for people who undergo this procedure.

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Also, the suicide rate is basically the same for the trannies in friendly environments surrounded by accepting peers regardless of whether they do and don't get the surgery, showing that it isn't the surgery itself that makes them commit suicide.

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What was it, 53% or something?

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These emotionally and mentally confused people are being taken advantage of in the name of "progress". It's pretty sickening. It's like watching your loved ones being taken away by a cult.

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Divide and conquer a once-powerful nation until they implode.

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Jews did this.

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But you know what...

(This probably won't be appreciated)

....you have to be the fucking dumbest breed to be this easily convinced that stapling tits to your chest will turn a disturbed man into a happy normal woman. There is no excuse for such flippant idiocy. White people (yes I am one. No I'm not a Jew) must be sort of retarded, I'm sorry.

Maybe it's just all people, idk....but I look at this and it makes me truly ashamed to have any correlation to such pliable bafoons.

Individuals can be remarkable. But Humanity as a whole is not an impressive species.

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They're taking advantage of the the most vulnerable of our race, the mentally ill.

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When an entire society is targeted by weaponized propaganda, our most vulnerable go first.

It's very Darwinian, but because we are social creatures it's also very sad when it happens.

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I get what you are saying, but you assume a lot of people accept their genderconfusion. Most people don't give a shit, most people won't fucking indulge in their BS either. Encouraging mental illness is fucked up, professional psychiatrist will tell you the same.

There is of course a few (((psychiatrists))) that should loose their license for egging the mentally insane people on.

I fear that you are so exposed on the frontline to the propaganda that you think its becoming "normalized" its not quite there yet.

The jews are trying though. Stay strong wherever you are geographically. (some places hit harder than others I suppose)

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Individuals can be remarkable. But Humanity as a whole is not an impressive species.

Well, we came pretty far, so far. I think we're impressive. Damn impressive tbh. For those that under-go this type of procedure, I'm sure there's some mental health issues and you can't help but feel sorry for them. It's sad because they don't realize their actions hurt more than just themselves.

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Come again, retard?

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Maybe if grandpa keeps it up Sammy will kill itself.

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Regardless what grandpa does, Samuel will probably kill himself.

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45% chance. Its looking pretty good. Unlike Samuel

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I worked with a guy who had a sex change to an "it" and 2 years after "it" quit the job it ended itself thankfully. Statistics show a very high suicide rate for a reason. These people don't a gender problem, but a mental one.

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Did he get his dick chopped off and everything?

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I don't think it will need any help.

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That was a nice thing the grandpa said.

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What makes it even sadder is that Gramps is holding little Sam in his profile picture. (maybe.)

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Can we crowdsource a hug for the poor guy? Like, I'm not gonna give it to him, but I can recognize that he probably needs one.

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That is a gross thing.

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Lol, nice username! I saw some faggot bitching about it the other day..

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That sounds like a pretty fucking rational grandpa

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