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At first you think it is a weird paragraph, but then you realize what she is doing. The first part of the paragraph is very true. Authoritarian regimes attempt to force everyone to accept their preferred reality. Then the plot goes out the window and she decides to argue that Trump has no basis in reality, implying she does, and is just dominating things like he always does. Sounds like she got drunk on some uber liberal, feminist koolaid before trying to write this shit.

EDIT: I get that she did not write it. But she put her name on it so she agrees as if it were her own words whether she read it or not.

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She's arguing that the government is the entity that will protect us from these abuses, when if fact, it's always the government's fault.

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In fact, in the very quote she uses, it's the government itself that is torturing the prisoner until the prisoner agrees with the government's agenda.

Hillary is incapable of understanding that her agenda is not everyone's agenda.

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She didn't write the book.

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it's pure projection, accusing him of something she is in that moment doing herself. i see this alot with baby boomers, they're delusional.

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LOL, I highly doubt she wrote a single word printed in that disaster. At best Bill's wife might have a vague idea of what the ghost writers put in there.

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That's some 1984 level propaganda right there.

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The more I read about the book, the more I think that it is the greatest trolling attempt ever made, and that it will turn out as a hoax like the Hitler diaries. Even HRC can't be that deluded.

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I hope they print a Collector's Edition with Pepe on the front cover.

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She must really be retarded

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As someone that knew a bedridden retarded person, I take great offense to that. How DARE you compare her too kind hearted retarded people. Retarded people actually have the ability to have empathy towards others, and realize when they are in the wrong.

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Retarded is a synonym for progressive.

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But she is, she is.

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What I read here:

She read Orwell who said the state should intentionally twist its words in order to make people think.

What I read between the lines:

I want to twist the truth and use critical thinking as an exercise for my excuse for what known. What is not known, is not being told.

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It's not a misreading. That's the worst part. It's a manipulation tactic called pacing and leading. She says some correct things about 1984, and having established agreement with the reader, then uses that as leverage to mislead the reader to the false conclusion that she desires.

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I think you are correct, damn she's a bitch.

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All hail her majesty, Queen Hillary Nonsequitura!

That is a bizarre paragraph. You can just hear the record scratch which needs to be inserted in the audiobook version.

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I can almost hear the REEEEEEEEE in the background . . .

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