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Thanks Bojack.


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I recently had a devastating break up. And I know how bad it can be. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it.

One thing that you can do to ease the pain is, no contact, whatsoever. No talking, no texting, block them on all social media. You should cut everything that might connect with her.

Give your body some time to heal. Good luck and happy birthday, brother.


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Here's how I handled it:

Fuck it

Never looked back

Now of course I'm single and I married linux, but eh, still better than being fucking depressed because of flesh addiction withdrawal


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THANK GOD You didn't marry her.

Imagine how fuckin' MISERABLE you'd be in 5, 10 years? How much resentment there'd be in the relationship? How many cocks she's swallowing up (from both ends of her body) while you toil away to provide for her and your offspring?



check it out.

/v/theredpill has LOTS of good shit for you. Self-improvement FIRST, then you're the chad, if you so choose.

edit: Habby Burfday NIgger :)


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Yep happy birthday girls are like a bus miss one catch another


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Happy birthday man.

Same shit happened to me a while back. Asked a girl out, flaked out without confirming that she didn't feel the same way, then she cut ties on my birthday. Day before my celebration, she filed a complaint against me alleging that I stalked her (of course untrue). I was in a dark hole for about six months, but I can honestly say that it gets better.


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my dad celebrated a birthday in the jungles of Vietnam. he wont talk about it. my grandpa celebrated his birthday in Korea. He had a brain injury he never recovered from and had a stroke at 54 in 1978. My Great uncle died in Germany during WW2....he didn't have a 24th birthday.

fuck you and your birthday.

stop bitching and grow up. go volunteer in Florida, the Virgin Islands or Texas and give your crybaby meaningless life some purpose. Become important to someone rather than looking for sympathy on the internet. Fill your life with actual purpose.


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I've been there. Time will fix it. Hang in there buddy.

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