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Be careful or you'll be suicided.


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Be quiet vampire.


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That seems to be the narrative nowadays.

Paranoid times.


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OK guys this is very important and will take down the evil ones.

At the end of this video, it talks about one of the fans of the Hampstead cults artwork being a psychologist...

This is important, she worked with the Mohawk children of Canada...

They were put under MKUltra... The Queen visited them there...

Google's involvement in the Pizzagate/Hampstead Situation MKULTRA schools

Abe The Handler Laughing

The children who discussed heinous abuse, were under the impression babies were killed but what if this was part of the MKultra apparatus to terrify them into submission?

Crowley Christ Church Choir Boys Singing Manson Lyrics

Christ Church Hampstead Promoting Evil? [Embed]

Why the hell would the church of England, allow people singing out Manson to record in their premises, as well as The Hellfire Caves (connected to Crowley)

Let's think about this for a moment...

Why does the school have an upside down cross? [Embed]

Why does Chelsea Clinton wear an upside down cross? [Embed] OK, now consider this...

A very well respected Journalist in the UK actually blocked a parent of children who attended Hampstead on account of him and his followers views on child abuse... [Embed]

What's weirder still, is that the very same trolls involved with Hampstead, are also involved with The McCann case and The Holie Grieg Case. [Embed]

The School erasing teachers from their records when the scandal broke [Embed]

Ricky Dearman erasing records of his connection to 88-90 Hatton Gardens, which was a few months later robbed, the men involved said they had previously found child porn photos of a tory MP [Embed]

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