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Too too many things in our society are linked back to the fucking jews.


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This is probably the biggest center piece here. You are a slave, right this second, they have enslaved you. None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. Through crook and bribe they got woodrow wilson into office in 1912 and then get him and others to pass the federal reserve act in 1913. Deeper details can be seen in either 'money masters' or 'death of the american dream'. They print monopoly money and loan it to banks at interest, we pay that interest perpetually through the federal income tax. The debt is impossible to pay off, the money is just worthless paper. Through this the jews have become unbelievably wealthy and powerful. Virtually the entire US government is a bunch of actors and puppets, they own the media and do a bullshit song and dance to keep us distracted with bullshit that doesn't matter.

Lets pretend you pay 15% of your yearly income to these mass slavers. And lets say hypothetically you work 2000 hours a year or so. That means for 300 of those hours you are working for free for (((them))), enslaved, totally. There is much more to this, related to fiat currency inflation, war, stock market, corporate and bank bailouts and so on. The bottom line is the USA is a dictatorship with a socialist economy, the rest is just bullshit to give people the sense that they think they are free and can vote. What about trump? What does he think about the jews? A little more if you aren't convinced. They aren't even trying to hide it any more.