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I'd like to actually believe you and I thought people knew what happened at cville but were pretending they didn't.
However from my interaction with people, everyone thinks Nazis suited & booted and armed up to go into cville in order to lynch blacks, non-whites and gays and mow down anyone in the way and then the brave townspeople fought them back. This is what people actually believe. I am not kidding. I watched an ABC news report on the incident and this is basically how they presented it. They kept showing clips of the alt-right defending themselves except they'd cut the bit where they were assaulted first.


[–] Belisarius505 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago 

It's truly bizarre seeing the cut footage and comparing against raw footage.


[–] gazillions 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago 

That's how the liar news presented it. People have been hearing "fake news" for months and months and months now. And they're hearing it specifically about the tv news broadcasts. That's all they have to hear and doubt creeps in. Once that happens, the conversations are unavoidable.

I used to be a news fan. It took one obvious lie and it all came tumbling down. Once those credentials are lost, they're lost forever.


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I saw a bit of the CNN coverage of this while I was looking for a video to show to someone of the car murder. CNN were just going out of their way to explain the counter protesters were "anti racism, anti bigotry protesters standing up to the white nationalist KKK nazi thugs". They splice in a KKK hood and the nazi flag, leave out all of the commy violence and there you go - for people that live on a diet of Cable news telling them what's going on it's easy for them to think this.

It was actually the first bit of corporate news I've watched in a long time, I couldn't believe how propoagandised mainstream media has become.


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The msm is hush on this i was not aware either