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Forgive me if I rant for a moment, but post deletion is something I've typically been vehemently against. I'll try to explain just why I think what v/pizzagate is doing is actually correct and fully support. Please note that I'm not a contributor nor even a subscriber; think for a while I blocked it, heh.

There's two main reasons: One is that it's a very niche sub with a goal in mind - the investigation and exposure of PG. Two is it's size, being one of the larger (if not largest) subs, to my knowledge (~14.6k at time of posting).

The latter really convinces me that there needs to be ground rules, else you end up with thousands of posts about "oh, this is creepy* without citations, or vague discussions and ideas that don't have much substance. Those are great and all... but do they really have anything to do with the investigation? Do you have a coherent argument, again with sources, that ties PG actors to salacious PG dealings?

Half-baked ideas are great and it seems there's a sub for that (v/pizzagatewhatever) . Hell half-baked ideas are what started the whole damn thing... but it's obviously past that stage. Suspicions and allegations aren't needed; they don't need 14k subscribers posting weird cartoons or pictures with vague symbols on them. They need something closer to actual proof, something that cannot be denied or brushed off. Have you forgotten who they're dealing with? Clintons, historically, don't fuck around.

It's great that you want to talk about PG in a vague manner or post suspicions. Hell, it's probably encouraged. But clogging up the sub with that type of stuff buries tangible, cited posts unnecessarily. People don't want or need to slog through that shit. There's coherent rules on the sidebar... I know we're usually "woo, woo, woo, anarchy! Let the downvoats sort it out" but this isn't a main sub by any stretch of the imagination. There's plenty of precedence for rules.

Also, about the "NAZI" thing... uhh, who cares? Not seeing it's relevance to PG. At all. It's nice that you pointed to a source, though!

Bonus advice from an old goat: Get thicker skin. "Peaceful coexistence" cracked my shit up. If you think sunshine and rainbows will just magically shoot out of people's asses and everyone will start hugging, crying, literally shaking because someone said a no-no word, well... you probably won't last long. I don't mean that in a malicious way or anything, but, really... stop being a goddamn faggot.

Again, sorry I ranted so much; deletions/censorship is a subject I feel pretty strongly about. Best of luck to you.


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Obviously you've never looked to see how many posts are deleted in that sub.

Edit: 31 yesterday


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Looks like all nonsense to me.

The Rothschild Elf, from Mars, in question, is cleverly disguising themselves in the deleted comment section.


the Narwhals are spying on each and every one of us with their yellow drones.


Why is Podesta so obsessed with contacting aliens... Is it because he knows they already dwell amongst us? Well... We live in a mathematical matrix don't we?

A post about Discordianism and Clinton and a whole lot of other nonsense. Most of it VERY reaching.

I know it takes a bit to do proper research and source things, but, c'mon. At least put some effort into it, it's just... lazy.

I'm starting to think you don't believe in wikileaks.


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Thanks for this comment, hats_! I may link it to PG users want to argue things with me in the future.