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It is a very large part of Voat.

No. It's HOSTED on Voat, because me and @kevdude stepped in to keep other Voaters from destroying it when you faggots wanted to move here.

Probably one of the biggest subs.

Utterly irrelevant.

If it is being taken over

I'm the second-longest standing mod of the subverse. KKWR made it, and asked PV for help to keep Voaters from killing the place.

You can't even get Voat history right, what makes you think you can comment on the holohoax?

by people who obviously do not share it's goals is that not news to the rest of Voat?

[O] mods are there to make sure that faggots like you never take control of any big subverse here. You're pathetic betas that would censor someone you don't agree with, despite having come here because you were censored by someone that doesn't agree with you.

It really doesn't get much more pathetic than that.