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It's almost like a certain ethnic group dominates the news industry!

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And now white people can't gather together in protest of anything without being labeled racist Nazi's. Slowly stripping of us any voice or power.

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Its almost like a certain ethnic group is exterminating another certain ethnic group. FTFY

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The amish? ;)

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Always those damned Amish! If they ever join forces with the evil Mennonites we're all screwed.

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(I) (wonder) (who)

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When did being a white nationalist become being a Nazi anyway?

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When jews won World War II.

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Pretty sure their Deutschland war bonds expired worthless.

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And they all call the other side "peaceful protestors."

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"counter protesters"

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That was yesterday's narrative until they could figure out who the suspect was. Now it's "Peaceful Protestors".

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Anyone who didn't predict this has not been paying attention.

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This exactly, "white nationalist" became a red flag when they first started calling Milo one. Really hard to defend the meeting when people are flying the Nazi flag. This rally set the whole "right" back it was exactly what the democrats wanted.

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"Really hard to defend the meeting when people are flying the Nazi flag."

Why would you be required to defend or attack anything here ?

Did the left ever apologized for soviet flags all over their rallies ?

We owe them shit, not even respect, let alone an explanation or an apology

People want to carry nazi flags it's a free country

Yes there are nazis

So what ?

I don't have a problem with nazis, they aren't shooting people by hundreds a year in baltimore or anywhere else, they aren't killing people over fucking cartoons, they aren't the ones relying on violence to shut free speech down

As far as I can tell, the leftards, the shitlibs, the muslims, the niggers, they make those people look more descent by the day

Keep up the good work fuckheads

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Nazis are like zombies, no one wants to side with them and you don't feel bad killing them. I can't deny that the medical world and scientific discoveries would be set back a great deal without the experiments done by them. But lumping right wing, pro freedom , anti-government people in with nazis you will push many people away. It's sick... watching the association happen. I know many very good people that are Jewish and very pro freedom and right wing. You have clansmen and Nazi's at a "unite the right" meeting and that is all the media is showing. They question whether the side that they are on is against them. And that is hard to defend. The face of resistance to the government overreach and tyranny cannot be nazis.

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"And when the young Movement is able to force publication of its existence on the giant national TV networks, in magazines, press, etc., – it serves as a clarion call to the frustrated millions who are looking for such a movement. It is only thus that we have been able to contact thousands of people all over the world who have never before been in any “patriot” outfit, but couldn’t resist the American Nazi Party and the World Union of National Socialists.

The Swastika and Hitler, far from being millstones, are actually the answer to the eternal problem of the “right-wing” – money!

When you don’t have money for paper, meeting halls, etc., – as our side never does – you can go into the streets and march and distribute homemade handbills and picket – for nothing. The Jews go wild, attack – and you then have free use of millions of dollars’ worth of Jewish TV, newspapers, magazines, etc.! Of course, you may get bloodied and have to sit in jail awhile recuperating. But this is a small price to pay for the astonishing results."

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This is a key problem for organizations the world over, leftist, rightist, or non-political - the failure to guard against infiltration and compromise by radical elements. Unions don't purge non-productive members, which soils their reputation; leftists don't purge antifa thugs; rightists don't purge Nazi thugs; pro-immigration groups don't purge La Raza thugs. The list is endless. Failing to control your group and its message leaves a gaping hole for the opposition to use to bring in their Trojan horse of extremists and destroy it from the inside. If the deep state doesn't want us to succeed all they have to do is get enough Nazis to show up at our events and the movement never achieves critical mass. If the deep state wants to discredit the left, they move in communist thugs. The tactic is always the same. The public can be played so easily, so it's critical to purge credible organizations of the radical elements.

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There were probably some actual conservatives in the crowd, but I don't doubt that the swastika wielders were Soros plants. This especially that in the ones you see on the front page have creases in them, as they have just been unboxed after being sent from Soros (((HQ))).

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The Communist flag in the Liberal camp is welcomed without comment or concern by any of their kind or Lame Media.

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Muh Russians?

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Because Jews invented communism, its more than ok with them.

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Wow, that's fucked. So there definitely is a behind-the-scenes official proper-speak news wire memo passed around. Thanks for posting this.

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It's called the Associated Press and it's not a secret by any means that most news outlets use it. What you're seeing here is said outlets being too lazy to rewrite the AP articles in their own words.

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Thanks for posting that video...there are a couple more just like that one proving that the media is totally controlled by the same (((people))).

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They got the CIA memo. Or maybe they are just lazy and copy the same preformatted AP news story.

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Never attribute to malice what is more often just plain fucky lazy.

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