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The left loves their double standards.

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"But it's different." Is the regular excuse I have encountered when pointing these things out. Would be entertaining if it didn't cast such a bleak light on the state of society. Or, at least a portion of it.

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Muslims don't know any better.

Muslims are just sharing their culture with us.

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Special pleading, my favorite logical fallacy. Call it what it is and enjoy watching them squirm.

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Well, to be fair, it is.

Islam is a mentally ill people factory.

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They still call anyone that's not a brain dead leftist a white supremacist nazi. I guess it sounds funny when I say it out loud but it should probably be more alarming.

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You're right. The left will predictably and foolishly link this car attack and the actions of this one driver to Trump, "this is what happens in Trump's America, etc." then to his supporters, the alt-right, alt-lite, skeptical centrists, anyone they don't like.

But when a Muslim splatters some Europeans with a truck it's 'not all Muslims', 'stop being xenophobic you guys it's the religion of peace'.

Leftists are the kings at cherrypicking facts and events to support their narratives. It's childish, intellectually dishonest and detrimental to everyone including themselves. It does not advance the social and political discussion forward in a positive way.

If they are getting so hell bent on revenge and worked up over this car attack, WHY do we not see that anger with Islamic terror?

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Not all whites

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It wasn't real Nazism

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I hadn't been on the eddit's The Donald in awhile and noticed they had this little gem: https://i.redd.it/ywlnme2c2efz.jpg


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Thanks for getting the AIDS so the rest of us don't have to.

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I wouldn't touch that website with somebody else's computer

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Car runs into counter-protesters --> perpetrator is immediately a racist white nationalist. After all we've seen can we discount the possibility of friendly fire?

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I heard it was a liberal that did it.

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CIA blackhat deal with a patsy in place to knowingly take the fall. But the chans got a face shot of the driver and were able to identify him as a military guy.

The patsy's real name is Bloom. The military guy's name is Field. Patsy is being represented in the media as being named Field. Looks like he went off to some kind of military academy in 2015, judging by one of his other's FB posts. Possibly that's when he was recruited for being a crisis actor. Or they found out he was an autistic pedo, guy's expression never changes in all his photos, and put him on permanent call for something like this.

It was meant to be an alt-right destroying false flag, but now the real driver has been tagged it looks the narrative will be "Goofball got scared by antifags and drove through them in a panic" so any blackhat involvement will become moot.

The liberal kid you're thinking of originally owned a similar car with the same plates. The patsy kid bought the original car from the liberal. Plates were swapped to a stronger police version of the same model car for the street attack. Patsy kid supposedly has painfully obvious 4chan memes all over his facebook and was photographed at the alt-right rally right at the front.

There are about 10 thousand threads on 4chan tracking all the information from different sources. But that's the quick gist.

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People need to ask more questions about the helicopter. They helped the drive get away then were killed as part of the coverup


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Yes just like the pizzgate guy was recruited to do 4 years in prison.

Its so easy? Just tell em its a prank, and fill their water bottle with VX...

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The left and the right has comed to an impasse "a position or situation from which there is no escape; deadlock. "

Ther is only one way to win over the left, and that is to fight the left, and DONT listen to the left. There is no need to argue, because the left has already turned to violence.

"Leftists, its time we parted ways. I don't agree with your assumptions. I don't agree with your reasoning. I don't agree with your conclusions. I don't agree with what you think you know. I don't agree with how you think you know it. I don't agree that what you say you think is even what you think. I don't agree that reality is what you think it is. I don't agree that the facts are what you say they are. I don't agree that your theories explain the facts. I don't agree with your values. I don't agree with your principles. I don't agree with your preferences. I don't agree with your ideals. I don't agree with your aims. I don't agree with your means. I don't agree with your aesthetics. I don't agree with what you think is beautiful. I don't agree with what you think is inspiring. I don't agree with what you think is good. I don't agree with what you think is true. We have no common ground to build upon, and no common ground to build towards. Everything you say is worthless to me, and everything you do is worthless to me, and everything you are is just as worthless to me. We cannot peacefully share a nation and a government. There is nothing left to talk about."


"The right wing is right. We left you because the left left us, and sold us out."

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